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iTunes Help Needed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by idratherjack, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Ugh, iTunes store samples don't play anymore. At all. Since this new update. 4 seconds of silence, then it just stops "playing". And how many bloody times to I have to hide TV Programmes?!?!?! I do NOT want to see that ONE episode I bought. EVER.
  2. I really like the new update, the new album grid is beautiful. Only things I don't like so far are:
    - You can't view your album artwork
    - There is no indicator at the bottom telling you how many GBs/hours of you music you have
    - The new search is the same as the search function on iPods now... Probably my biggest gripe. The search now only looks in Artist/Song title/Album fields, so I can't search by composer (I can't just look up The Neptunes and play songs produced by the Neptunes now). Also, I put feature tags in the comments section, and in iTunes 10 the search checks there too, but now it does not.

    It's only if Album Artist and Artist are different. You could always add a space to the end of whatever you have written in the the Album Artist field.

    Brilliant! Thanks! I have a lot of single EPs for one of my favourite bands, and it's annoying how they are between the albums.
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  3. Another annoying thing I've spotted with artwork now is that you can't copy and paste it within your library anymore. I added a couple of bonus tracks to an album that isn't in the iTunes store, so I had to spend an age locating the artwork that I had saved somewhere. It's not a rare album, just that most of the artwork online is very poor quality or too small, so I needed the exact same one I had previously used and I've never seen online since I saved it years ago, all for 2 songs - arrgghh!!! You'd think copy and paste for artwork would be a standard thing but they seem to have made it totally impossible.
  4. If you need a good resource for artwork, go to Probably the best place to get big, square, good quality art.
  5. You can right-click on an exisiting track in your library and 'get info' and then copy/paste from the artwork tab still?
  6. That still works for me.

  7. It doesn't do anything, at least not on a Mac. There's no right click option in the 'get info' artwork tab. I used to be able to right click and copy artwork from the list view of an album or from the larger version when it showed in the bottom left corner.

    EDIT: After a bit of Googling I installed iTunes again and the copy and paste function now seems to work in 'artist' view, a clumsier way than before but at least I can do it again, it was driving me mad.
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  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Any word on when they're going to fix this?

    I need to be able to easily delete songs from my iPod, like now.
  9. BML


    View > Show Status Bar can fix that.

    I really like the new iTunes especially the "up next" feature. My biggest gripe is the absence of the exact time length of a playlist as mentioned before. I burn CDs all the time still and that was an, albiet small but still critical part of the process.
  10. iTunes 11 seems to have randomly deleted play counts from certain purchases from the iTunes Store - there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It's deleted play counts from an album I bought 5 years ago, some but not all tracks from one I bought last year and all of MDNA, plus various other tracks. The last played date is still there but the count gone. Very annoying.
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  11. iTunes 11 has lots of bugs. Some albums it lists more than once, for example Kate Bush - Hounds of Love, will show as 4 albums each having about 3 tracks each. Try printing a CD inlay for a playlist now. It prints all the songs on top of each other so you can't read them. Cover flow is gone. iTunes will crash when trying to rip a CD. If you have a fade in/fade out (mine was set at 3 seconds) it won't 'count' the track as 'last played'. 'Showing duplicate' option is gone along with DJ. Are Apple planning to fix any of this stuff soon?
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I've had this before.. any chance you either don't have the same album/sort artist entered for all of them (even having Kate Bush in some and nothing in others can mess things up) or some songs have 'compilation' checked?
  13. For the life of me, and trying everything I can think of, I can't get all the tracks from FGTH's Bang! to show as from one album in the coverflow of my iTunes display. I suppose re-ripping them may sort it.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Selecting all, making the album artist blanko, then readding it again, usually does the trick for me.
  15. IT WORKED!!!!!
  16. LTG


    That's happened with CocknBullKid and OutKast. I just changed the names, then changed them back, and it was fine.
  17. I tried this and it didn't help. However I had to go into every song from that album and clear all the fields under 'sorting'. Then I added the artist and album name back in and Now finally it is showing 'Hounds of Love' as one album. However it will take me hours to do this for all the albums that are affected.
  18. I've went back to 10.7. And it's gonna stay that way for the future. I liked the album cover colours thing at first, but after a while it just looks really cheap. And it fades in badly.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This has been bothering for a while, and I hope I can properly explain myself:

    Basically: I always have iTunes DJ playing one huge smart playlist, which uses lots of other smart playlists to make a perfect mix of everything.

    Even though reality is a bit more complicated, let's say it brings together one playlist that's a selection of 50 random 5 star songs, one (+/- 300 songs) playlist that features a random selection of 4 star songs not played in a while, one playlist with a random selection of 100 songs that still need rating, and one that features my current top 40 of favourite songs of the moment.

    Now technically I'd expect more than half of the songs played to be from the 4 star playlist since 300 of the 490 songs are from that, but in reality I notice it's more like one out of 5, and I started wondering whether iTunes DJ tries to be a little too clever for my liking by handling 'picking at random' as 'selecting a song from a different subplaylist each time', meaning it will just as often play a song of the 5 star playlist, even though there's only 50 songs on that.

    I now made a playlist that basically only has the rule 'playlist='huge playlist', selecting all those songs, but no longer having them divided in playlists they come from, and immediately iTunes DJ seems to be a lot more random and balanced than it used to be.

    So even though that solves my own question I wonder if anyone else has notices/can confirm this kind of behaviour from iTunes DJ?
  20. Bloody iTunes 11 will not recognise Emeli Sande's 'Heaven' as being part of the 'Our Version of Events' album, no matter how hard I try! All the sorting options are the same, no spaces after her name or anything, but in 'albums' it insists on placing it as a separate entry. Pah.
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