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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I think she deserves her own topic.


    Japanese Good Day live


    I'm a bit of a late convert though, do her albums tend to be good?
  2. Overrated.
  3. I'm probably the biggest and only superfan here so I didn't think a topic would get much traffic, but I'm glad it's made so I can offload all my news tidbits and media here.

    I love the fact that she FINALLY played guitar in public again for the Japanese showcase - it's being put out as a dvd together with her first single. Can't wait to see it, since they had a real orchestra and all.

    Sorta disappointed her Japanese debut is a remake but I assume/hope the collab with Utada's producer is still going ahead for later release.

    Albums are hit and miss, but here's the best strategy for her latest album: Listen to tracks 9 - 13 - that's where all the greatest songs are and where I think she wants to take her music.
  4. 3Xs


    Er, not really. She's barely ever mentioned around these parts anyway, so I don't see that at all.

    Last album was a disappointment, though.
  5. She's probably charming the Japanese audience because she's been pretty insistant on speaking as much Japanese as possible. Between songs on her showcase and on NHK TV, even though she had a translator with her.

    Here's the episode she's on, featuring footage from the showcase http://youtu.be/ShF7Jk3Imng

    And here's a performance she did in the studio: http://youtu.be/vuAuIoz9Da4?t=4m50s
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    Fantastic promo!!! Not only speaking Japanese the ENTIRE time but singing beautifully in English as well! Tri-lingual threat!

    Note to other K-Pop acts - this is how you come and make a proper debut in another country.
  7. I'm interested how her Japanese advacement will go. Currently Japanese general public is not into female soloist, but she has Hallyu Wave card to play. We'll see.
  8. Isn't Japan getting mega sick of Korean acts though? But her Japanese seems good which helps. Good Day remains one of the best kpop tunes ever.
  9. Japan is tired of lame debutes of K-Pop groups, but IU seems to be able to communicate freely and she's cute but not in "aegyo" way, but "kawaii"way so she might became new "it" girl.
  10. Flawless kawaii goddess who will continue to reign supreme forever and more.
  11. Yeah, I think the problem is that 'aegyo' is always part parody, and then when Rainbow think that's how they should act on Japanese TV because that's kawaii it becomes weird and slightly embarassing.
  12. She is a flawless creature and my favorite idol, hands down. Good Day, You and I, M.I.A., and Nagging are all amazing.
  13. And she performed MIA on the JP showcase. Which is great, that it's not buried despite being a flop.
  14. I take it this is your only source for Korean Pop news then? She's good, but not as good as Korea think she is, in my own opinion of course! Good Day, You & I, Nagging and this cover that she did live (I forget) it was in English and it completely was better than all of her material.
  15. 3Xs


    No. You completely missed my point - that here, ON POPJUSTICE, she's hardly ever brought up. Other places on the net / in Korea are a different case, obviously
  16. Oh that's true. I see her everywhere. Chinatown, Sydney, Variety Shows (with extreme popularity) and her music slays all the time. I still find her overrated but full of potential.
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    Congrats to IU for graduating high school today!


  18. This rock star pose


    Congrats, and I'm glad she's not going to Uni because she'd rather do music. That's rational thinking in her situation.
  19. 3Xs


    For one of those 'behind the scenes' type videos this is quite nice.
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