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IVE (Starship's Girlgroup)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. I decided to create this thread because I'm a bit obsessed and there seems to be a lot of stuff coming out, as well as numbers being made.

    Please feel free to suggest a better name for the thread too!
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  2. Yujin participated on Masked Singer!

  3. Fans have pointed out that Yujin's voice sounds a bit like Taeyeon's.

    Yujin definitely sounds less experienced at singing, but I can hear a similar tone.
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  4. They got another show win!

  5. They’re great. Loved Eleven right away but it still gets better every time I hear it.
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  6. Another one in the basket! They won against NCT and Ateez.

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  7. !!!! This is kinda super amazing!
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  8. They opened the KBS Gayo today, I imagine it's because Wonyoung is the MC

  9. A bit legendaric if you ask me

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  10. Eleven is more amazing with the great cinematography that captures every hair follicle in motion. I cannot believe how they are a rookie group. I'm so used to rookie groups releasing an aegyo song with 2012 Jeremy Scott knock-off styling.
  11. The demo for Eleven

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  12. I guess not the writers fault but the Korean lyrics is on another level.
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  13. They may seem more on the nose but the lyrics to the english version at least make the "you make me feel like 11" hook feel earned, I liked it.
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  14. I am obsessed with their 4 songs nn. Where is the mini album?
  15. Most of my IVE biases in one photoshoot? It is giving me Grimes, Sky Ferreira, and Charli XCX cover for V Magazine energy.

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  16. Talent always wins in the end!!
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  17. This sounds so promising. That Pussycat Dolls / "I Will Survive" (though it also sounds like "Unbreak My Heart") sample!

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  18. After Like is somewhere between a track on Dannii Minogue's Neon Nights, Geri Halliwell's solo career, and the Cheeky Girls. Ive understands camp.
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