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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by FTZXR, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. K94


    I liked this album and Biscuit is a moment. So good.
  2. The No Good album is still as fresh as ever. This girl is on fire! Now she just needs to get back to releasing music.
  3. Ivy's now been signed with BMG Records. New music's coming soon I guess!
  4. I thought she fizzled out. Interesting to see if anything happens with her.
  5. Biscuit still goes off!
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  6. Good to see she'll be back on track.

  7. Our BMG queen is back! 'Her' is so Ivy. Loveeeee.

  8. Music video:

  9. Oh, glad to have her back. Song is a cute bop.
  10. Her debut album had some really great songs on it, I'm happy to hear she's back.
  11. Easily one of my favorite songs of the year
  12. I just discovered the video/song on youtube. Glad she's back, even if the song is not at Biscuit or Hot Damn level.
  13. I love how both videos so far have a combined budget of about $50.
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  14. Both tracks are really strong! I don't mind the low budget visuals either and I'm glad to have her back. She's such a hidden gem.
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  15. Both songs are so unmemorable. The extra bite she had on the first album is really not there this time around for me.
  16. New single 'Alive':

  17. Seems her unique swamp-hop sound is officially gone. All 3 comeback songs are super mediocre to my ears.
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