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IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires (2nd Japanese Single)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. He


    I think the editing went too far with making the Japanese girls look useless as idols in the Korean sense. Granted most of them hadn't had the training, but some of them were very good right off the bat. Nako is proficient in everything, and Hitomi is a great dancer (something they never really showed well in the show), Sakura is not talented but you can tell she works extra hard and keeps up.
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  2. dddd she's my lowkey my ironic favorite I think.

    I honestly believe she's literally talentless. I definitely see how frustrating it is that she took a spot in the group with that in mind, but the whole thing is just...iconic.

    Like she came into the show, saying she mostly wanted to be an actress, then goes on within the competition and only show ONE (1) expression throughout the whole show. A KII. Then, she's grouped with the other talentless trainees and she has to perform 'Boombayah'. She goes on to say that the only thing she doesn't wanna do is rapping because "she'd rather have a pure image"...then what does she become? A RAPPER. And her team wins despite giving a really poor performance out of pity from the public and from a very negative edit of the other team. She then sails through the competition by literally being pretty and sing-talking in a low voice hoping that it can be sold as "rapping".

    Honestly it's just too funny.
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  3. AKB isn't even that big these days anymore.
    They are still selling a million in one day because of the system they use for the HS.

    By all measures, the Sakamichi (Nogizaka and Keyakizaka) have already surpassed them in everything except for the whole a million in a day thing, which is quite hard if you don't have a hundred girls handshaking hands.

    As much as the Japanese girls have promised they'll be back to their groups, a lot changes in 2 years.
    The groups they'll come back to will be completely different from the groups they are now leaving behind, so I doubt they'll stay for long.

    Maybe they signed something with AKS so that they'd have to stay one year in AKB/HKT once IZ*ONE is done or something though.
    I am still surprised Mnet basically got to take way 2 of the most popular girls from the franchise and not give anything back, so maybe they are expecting for Sakura, Nako and Hitomi to get big enough that their fans will follow them into their 48 enterprises.
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  4. AKs is going to manage them in japan right? so it's not an all take no give situation at all. Also, akb will probably keep on selling millions of copies with or whitout sakura and nako.
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  5. I really hope the stars align so that Wonyoung, Minju and Hyewon at least (still not sure how I feel about Yujin but I like all of the other girls) stop promoting with the group and head off to flop instead like with that whole IOI mess.
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  6. La Vie En Rose fucking bops.
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  7. Pretty shocked just learning this. You've got to give her credits for not using a very much sad story for ""pity votes"", but instead trying to get into the group on her very own merits.

    Also, this:

    I might have decided to stan forever....
  8. The blurred girls are slowly getting revealed. Nice!
    So now we know Ko Yujin, Jooeun, Choi Yena and two of Good Day as possible LOONA candidates.
  9. I'm watching Izone Chu at the moment and Yena is so vivacious - seems she gets it from her dad, they had a really funny phone conversation together. It's so crazy to think that they went through all this...
  10. The biggest kii here for me is that I ended up googling Yena's brother (he's twenty-something, stfu) and found out that he used to be in the group Coed School(!!!). He's apparently a struggling actor now.

    How many lives did that group ruin though ddd
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  11. Oh my god, please tell me he's the legendary 0:42 guy.

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  12. he's the guy before him. Since we're talking about coed school i want you guys to remember heo chanmi snatching taeyeon's wig, career and life,with those high notes in produce 101 lmao
  13. I legit find Chanmi a tragic figure. First not getting put in SNSD, then... whatever Co-ed School was, then this when she was actually one of the better singers in Produce 101 overall, and then they didn't even put her in Momoland.
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  14. Hello. SloMover reporting in just to say that I stan the J-Line, specifically Hitomi xx
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  15. Eddie found rotting
  16. I recognised that as Hanoi right away. Get it girls.
  17. First performance in Korean in the FNS since 1974:

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  18. Poor Sakura and Nako still being forced to participate in this monstrosity though..

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  19. They (and Hitomi) are the frontline of the single, so a performance was needed somewhere.

    Sakura and Nako are also participating in the HKT anniversary concert in December, which caused a bit of an uproar with the Korean fans, probably thinking it would lead to an IOI situation, but it seems to be a one time thing.
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  20. IZ*ONE - ENERGETIC (MAMAs 2018)

    IZ*ONE - LA VIE EN ROSE (MAMAs 2018)
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