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IZ*ONE - Vampire (3rd Japan Single)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. IZ*ONE is #2 on Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales between 4th February to 10th February with 303,745 copies of 好きと言わせたい sold, only a difference of around 8000 copies from #1 Kis-My-Ft2 (312,064 copies).

    Based on Billboard sales, #IZONE has achieved the highest 1st week sales for female artist debut in Japan! (previous record was held by Keyakizaka46)

    IZ*ONE『好きと言わせたい』 303,745枚(2019/2/6発売)

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  2. Such an impactful debut. Both debut eras have been total successes in both Korea and Japan!
  3. I'm already sad they'll disband t.t
    Such a shame Oricon doesn't count sales from outside of japan.
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  4. They could be selling more than 350K if we'll take that into account.

  5. the difference of only 1 copy
  6. That's such a scream ddd

    Not only they don't count sales from out of Japan, but they also reduce bulk orders to 20 copies.
    So some fans might have bought 40 or 50 or 60 and only 20 go for the chart.
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  7. La Vie En Rose refuses to die.

  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And still serving serving longevity in Korea. The true final winner.
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  9. I CAN'T. Their Japan promo is legit.
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  10. Wizone confirmed! Ugh their impact...

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  11. Music Station

    I have no idea why it's recorded like that ddd
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  12. To try to keep the video from being knocked down. Jpop is very strict about it.

    Here's normal.
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  13. Sakura center again with those sly camera angles, and the worm's eye view angle as per the ending shot. We love the Queen of Japan.
  14. Buzz Rhythm

  15. I'm totally stanning Kis-My-Ft2.
  16. IZ*ONE 1st Official Photobook - SECRET TIME

    Release: February 28th, 3PM KST
    Where To Buy: Synnara, Aladin, YES24, Interpark, Apple Music

    IZ*ONE Photobook 'Secret Time' will be available to Pre-Order today (2/28) at 3PM KST

    ▪️ PB + DISK (The photobook is 180 pages and the cd will contain 70 mins worth of content)
    ▪️ Desk Calendar
    ▪️ Photocard Set
    ▪️ SELFIE + Drawing Sticker
    ▪️ Cake Spread Card
    ▪️ Acrylic Magnet
    ▪️ Film Phorocard
    ▪️ Poster (1 out of 2)


  17. I'm not really interested in it, but that price seems like a bargain considering all of what they're offering, no?
  18. Yes, it's cheap. They sold well

    Some hair changes
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  19. Chaewon looks so good and Minjoo looks so tired lol
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