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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

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    That was never in doubt.
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    FEBRUARY 6, 2019.
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  4. Surprisingly, some of the girls are included in the (very meh) song that Akimoto has written to bid farewell to the Heisei era:

  5. Mnet sailing that Sakura and Chaeyeon ship.
    And YESSSSSSS, HITOMI CENTER even for a little while.

    Yeah it was the 'special unit' song from the four AKS groups. But good on Wonyoung and Sakura for snatching that 'W' center position. I think this won't be the last IZ4648 gig (but surely they'll rotate the members).
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    They really did amazing at the MAMAs Japan huh?
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  8. They are living their best days.
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    You can tell they have a big performance budget (poor LOONA), though the MAMA Hong Kong one was rather meh.
  10. You'd think they'd disband this year or something...
    And yes, they're really pushing for that Sakura center so hard which is super okay with me.

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    Those two performances were quite boring. But their budget is insane.

    Kii at Sakura's platform being just as high. I love the Japanese line.
  12. Their Japan stage is something they should be ultra proud of. I need more Hitomi as dance center next comeback or in the Japan debut.
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    She really has a great presence as dance center, doesn’t she? The right amount of cute but then she brings it down with her sharp moves.
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  14. True centre xx
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  15. Her dancing skills have not been hypes up much but I really do think she's one of the best dancers in AKB48. Also, in her fancams, she barely blinks, especially during her parts or when she's in the front formations. Queen of subtle details.
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    Well I always noticed she was a good dancer on the show, she’s very sharp. Maybe second best one in the group?
  17. Was it just me or was that camerawork really bad? I'm dizzy.
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  18. I don’t think I’ve seen one performance of La Vie en Rose that was filmed nicely, which is a real shame because the choreography is so intricate and beautiful.

    The best one is when they performed it on Japanese TV
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  19. dddd I can't believe I'm the one saying this...but LOONA's choreographer could learn a thing or two about making a 12-members routine from this.

    It's a great performance. I'm kind of warming up to them to be honest.
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  20. Japan really does capture how well the choreography and formations are.

    This is the best one in Korea so far... until it went nuts again after Hitomi's verse.
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