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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Scouring ebay for Sakura's photocards and CD plates .
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  2. Alex Christine (one of the P48 trainees who left early) did this video about what goes on at P48 and it's ... interesting.

    Anyway, I watched IZONE's MAMA performance this morning and I thought it was very impressive. I'm still torn as to whether I actually love La Vie On Rose, but their performances are lovely.
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  3. She says she joining another show soon. Don't tell me she'll be on Idol School Season 2...
    I went to the AKB48 shop in Japan, and everything Sakura and Jurina was sold out...
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  4. Details about the Japanese debut: Suki to Iwasetai (which translates to... I want (you?) to say "I like you" or something, my Japanese is rusty af)

    TYPE A:
    1. Suki to Iwasetai
    2. Kenchanayo
    3. Goukigen Sayonara
    TYPE B:
    1. Suki to Iwasetai
    2. Kenchanayo
    3. Neko ni Naritai
    CD ONLY:
    1. Suki to Iwasenai
    2. Kenchanayo
    3. Dance wo Omoidasu made
    In types A and B, tracks 1 and 3 will have MVs, so we'll get three in total.

    There will be three high touch events and a showcase with an audience of 4000 (selected by lottery).

    EDIT: Looks like my translation was wrong ddd

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  5. Link to Official IZ*ONE Japan Shop which goes live at 16.00 JST tomorrow (12/28) for merch sales:


    It looks like it's necessary to firstly register a WIZ*ONE account which can only be done from two hours before that time.
  6. I would have wanted Japanese La Vie En Rose somewhere but it was the payola song of 2018 and we surely heard enough of it. La la la la vie en rose!

    Wait... three music videos? I'M IN YOU GUYS. Konichiwa, IZ*ONE!
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  7. Are there going to be member versions of the albums? That could end up being gloriously messy.
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  8. I AM HERE FOR THAT. Sakura and Nako outselling everyone in Japan is a Netizenbuzz field day.
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  9. Yes, there's a total of 15 versions ddd


    From Reddit.

    Also, they're debuting the song tomorrow in the CDTV NYE special.
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  10. Not me having to get two versions because the Sakura member one doesn't have the song featuring cats on it. Really though, I hate when companies do this. I can't wait for the "I'm broke! video from whichever Youtuber that gets everything.
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  11. Maybe not so much, according to the hi-touch sales (?) Wonyoung, Yuri and other korean members are sold-out just like Sakura.
    With 15 versions they'll probably sell more than the akb sister groups lol.
  12. The costumes are more Japanese idol-like:

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  14. I think I'm going to love the new song more than La Vie En Rose. I wonder what the video will look like.
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  15. Who's their choreographer and why are they so good at making these routines?
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  16. He


    Their formations and choreo are great (do they share WJSN's choreographer?), they look great, and I'm up for Sakura regaining the center, but the song is not up to much... yet.
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  17. I find the song quite bland. The chorus is just bad.

    I was expecting to go the Kpop route, but this completely J-idol music and not even the good kind, imo.

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  18. I actually like it better than La Vie En Rose already? The gamechanger will certainly be the music video. Also looking forward to the two other music videos they'll have with this single.
  19. He


    How in the world, unnie?! La vie en rose is one of last year's best. This is... forgettable at best.

    I'm also a bit disappointed with the horrible j-idol outfits. They're a Korean group, bring fashion! They should be standing out a bit, and then let Sakura, Nako and Hitomi lead the way.
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  20. I'm ok with the outfits, the song is nothing new but i liked Sentimental Train so i'll probably like this too :/... eventually. La vie en rose is good but the chorus killed it for me, such a build up for nothing, i can't.
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