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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Queens of Argentina!
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  2. Did 'suki to iwasetai' had teasers? Is akimoto the producer of this song? i'm confused but exited
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  3. For some reason I thought it was coming out on June 6th and now I'm v. distressed.
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  4. If only.
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  6. New song revealed in their concert.
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  7. Buenos Aires is... idk, not a fan. Anyways when are they going to release Ayayaya? i need it now
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  8. I never played Buenos Aires again. Bye.
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  9. Buenos Aires is kind of shit.
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  10. Looking forward to the B-sides though. What are the predictions of its performance? It's just a very bland song...
  11. it's probably going to sell less than suki to iwasetai, but it does have handshake tickets i think, so...
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  12. I love Buenos Aires, oops.
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  13. For those who haven't seen the full version of Sentimental Train with Jurina.

    It's a shame we don't have the senbatsu election this year because I would have loved to see the effect of Produce 48, and the power of the new Chinese and Taiwanese teams. Though at the same time, it must be a relief for everyone because it's just so stressful.
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  14. Buenos Aires has grown on me so much since it came out. I love the franticness of it all.
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  16. If anyone's curious Buenos Aires is selling pretty much the same as Suki to iwasetai.

    I'm desperately looking forward to their next korean comeback to see if Ayayaya gets released as a b-side or something, pls
  17. I met a lady who was mass buying a bunch of IZ*ONE stuff and she gave me some free Sakura photos, bless.
  18. IZ*ONE performing Heavy Rotation. Finally good to see Sakura center again! It just seems so right.

    IZ*ONE performing Buenos Aires on Music Station.

    and in CDTV.

    I stan Japan and how even if Sakura ain't 'center', they'll always focus on her. And whenever she's center, but she's in the lower position, the cameras go lower so she'll be the focus of the shot again.

    A hero.
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