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J. Cole - KOD + Upcoming Projects

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. '4 Your Eyez Only' is available now to stream + purchase!

    He also released a documentary, 'Eyez', on Tidal. In the doc he debuts a new track, False Prophets, that's generating some buzz for a verse that's seemingly about Kanye and his perceived downfall.

    He raps:

    "Life is a balance/You lose your grip you could slip into an abyss/No doubt, you see these niggas trippin’/Ego in charge of every move, he’s a star/ And we can’t look away due to the days when he caught our hearts/He’s falling apart but we deny it/ Justifying the half-assed shit he drop, we always buy it

    When he tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately/ It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately/There was a time when this nigga was my hero maybe/That’s the reason why his fall from grace is hard to take/’Cause I believed him when he said his shit was purer and he the type of nigga swear he real but all around is fake

    The women, the dickriders, you know, the yes men/ Nobody with the balls to say something to contest him/So it grows out of control/ Until the person that he truly was all along is starting to show"

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  2. Another new track + video, titled Everybody Dies

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  3. Excited for this! I'm a huge fan of J. Cole and he's one of the realist rappers in the industry right now. He just spits and that's it.

    But it seems he's gonna have a lot to say on Eyez. I think he also took shots at Drake?
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  4. He's effortlessly reliable and Forest Hills Drive was one of the best records, rap or otherwise, from 2014 so I'm stoked.

    'One Day Everybody Gotta Die' is great and it'll be interesting to see where he takes things sonically, following the likes of Chance and Anderson Paak managing to carve out such unique foundations for their rap styles, especially given the fact that he's probably the most celebrated, as far as lyricism and naturally ability go (after only Kendrick).
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  5. Some of the lines about Kanye are actually quite sad. It doesn't really feel like a diss or a shot at him, but more of an observation and reflection."He's crying out for help. While the world's egging him on, I'm begging him to stop. Playing his old shit, knowing he won't top it. False prophets."

    The 2nd verse is apparently about Wale, but there are a few lines about using ghost writers that are very likely aimed at Drake.
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  6. I just watched the documentary, Eyez, and it's really great. Just a 40-minute look into basically what the recording process is like. There's a lot of really interesting moments. No interviews, it's all a fly-on-the-wall approach which is perfect.
  7. Is he pulling an Abel by withholding the album until Friday?
  8. Seems like it. Eyez is up on YouTube now if you need something to hold you over (it's great). I just realized neither of the new tracks from the film are on the album, so there's tons of new music coming at midnight.

  9. This record is fucking incredible. A last-minute contender for best album of 2016. I just finished my first listen on Apple Music and am totally blown away. There's not one throwaway track, which isn't surprising considering how solid his las record was (I still spin it in full regularly, it's my absolute favourite album of the past few years). This is, perhaps, an even stronger album - it's remarkably vulnerable, honest, thoughtful, fun, and melancholy; but it all feels impeccably cohesive. The highs are incredible. Cole is such a talented storyteller, and this album is certainly full of amazing stories. The lyrics and production are both next-level.
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  10. Halfway through my first listen and I'm already so impressed with this. Could this be the project that finally makes me a Cole fan?
  11. His last album showed me he's a force to be reckoned with so I'm excited for this.

    Also, pleasantly surprised it's a crisp 44 minutes and not a self indulgent hour plus jack off fest.
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  12. The title track, Change + Deja Vu are early favourites. Foldin Clothes is coming for Better's weave as 'Song that most makes me want to stop my ho ways and find a monogamous relationship'.
    What did you think after a full spin? Have you ever listened to 2014 Forest Hills Drive?
  13. I can't wait to listen to this, I love him. Also, aside: love how much he's smashing on iTunes.
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  15. This is the best rap album of 2016. Jermaine is so underrated, but his lyricism and production are always on point. The first half of the album is aggressive, but not overtly so and touch on matters that are relevant in society. The second half is personal and honest, which shows his growth as a person and artist. This album deserves to smash because Jermaine is such a great poet and has shown that he's capable of delivering high quality songs without a team of hitmakers.
  16. I absolutely love the range of emotions and ideas here, and it all fits together so perfectly. He really deconstructs the agreed-upon ideas of masculinity, especially in hip-hop. On top of that, like you said, he moves masterfully from social issues to personal stories and reflections, always with an unmatched wit and honesty.
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  17. Here's an interesting theory on the album:
  18. Loved his new single where he's going off on lil yatchy and everybody. I need to find time to listen to this new album. But what i really want to know is when we're getting that Kendrick collab album. I need it.
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  19. He's expected to sell over 550,000 in the first week. Killing it!
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  20. Here's a really fantastic piece on the album; an interview with co-executive producer Elite.
    Incredible. He could end up with the 2nd or 3rd highest first-week sales of the year.
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