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J. Lo & Shakira 2020 Halftime Show

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. February 2nd. They appear to be coheadlining
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  2. They both put on amazing shows so it should be a great performance!
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  3. Beautiful Liar please.
  4. Yesss. I am so ready for JLo to be everywhere again, hopefully they have new music ready to go after the success of it all.
  5. We watch the superbowl every year and we talked all the way through maroon 5.

    Anyone speaks to me this year and I'll slap them with my giant foam finger!
  6. This is a fanmade All Stars edit
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  7. This is a bit of a... random mix but I’m here for it!
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  8. J. Lopez, J. Lopez
    Shakira, Shakira
  9. I'm here for Pitbull being the unannounced third headling act.
  10. Less so when you think of who’s running the halftime show now. They’re each getting six minutes.
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  11. Shakira headlining the Super Bowl was my teenage dream, it's surreal to see it come true but i'm so happy
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  12. 6 minutes each?

    Whenever Wherever
    Waka Waka
    She Wolf
    Hips Don't Lie


    On The Floor
    Jenny From The Block
    Get Right
    Love Don't Cost A Thing
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  13. J Lo doing the halftime show

    Shakira doing the halftime show

    J Lo AND Shakira doing the halftime show
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  14. I'm here for the absolute meltdowns from the 'This is America, we speak English' crowd.
  15. The 2000s gays won.
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  16. They're gonna waste two full minutes on fucking Waka Waka aren't they?
  17. I wish this was Jennifer Lopez by herself, but eh. I’m glad she’s getting her moment. They both deserved their own moment.

    They will absolutely KILL IT though.
  18. Sooooooooo here for this.
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