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J. Lo & Shakira 2020 Halftime Show

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nomoresadsongs, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. I thought it was a nice little spin on the original She Wolf choreography. The Dare choreography was also great. I love that fact that she's in popstar mode for once dddddd
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  2. Ddd I'm expecting She Wolf though. Besides Hips Don't Lie and Whenever, Wherever, what else is she gonna sing?
  3. Waka Waka?
  4. It was this right?

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  5. Sis it's 15 minutes not an one hour set dd
  6. Oh right I forgot there was a whole football game. But we can just move the show to the parking lot, right?
    This time it is not for Africa
  7. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Realistically, even if entire verses are cut or they have medleys - they’ll have room for about 4 songs each.

    With Shakira; Whenever Wherever, Hips Don’t Lie and Waka Waka are pretty nailed on. I suspect Chantaje is close to being her next biggest hit globally and she’ll want to do something fairly recent.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I need Objection (Tango)

    I am way too excited for this half time show - the actual MEGA BOPS potentially on display.
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  9. Alright so all of this was a bit of a serve. She's clearly in top form. I can't wait for the Superbowl.
  10. Two women co-headlining the Super Bowl and we’re getting tabloid articles about them not getting along, I’m absolutely shocked.
  11. Waka Waka is a disease.
  12. Shocker that the press is making them out to be not getting along.

    Tea though: JLo should be doing this alone.
  13. I'm torn between wanting Jennifer to have this all to herself and thinking that bringing Shakira was a stroke of genius.
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  14. It would be more exciting if Shakira had actually made some effort in the past decade.
  15. This.

    I'm not denying Shakira's success and she will bring in a lot of buzz but this was JLo's time. She's off the back of a huge year and she honestly should have had this moment for herself.
  16. Perfect set list would be

    Jenny From The Block
    Let’s Get Loud
    Love Don’t Cost A Thing
    Beautiful Liar Ft. JLo
    Hips Don’t Lie
    La Tortura
    She Wolf
    Chantaje Ft. Maluma
    On The Floor Ft. Shakira & Pitbull
  17. I don't give a shit about the Superbowl as long as, within a calendar week, I can give Jenny my rent money for a Let's Get Loud... On the Floor™ The Greatest Hits of J Lo arena tour at an unspecified European location.

  18. Mmmm no.
  19. You can do better?
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