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J. Lo & Shakira 2020 Halftime Show

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. I'm ready for Louboutins.
  2. White Americans typically have no problem with white latinos though. It's the indigenous and afro ones they have a problem with but thats another topic.

    I think they will nail the halftime show. What are the chances of them releasing a collab? I think a collab would be a great way to snag a hit for the both of them.
  3. I actually like Shakira's hits more than J-Lo's but Jennifer better perform the hell out of Get Right like she does in her residency. The performance + live band make for a perfect pop moment. Wish Do It Well and Everybody's Girl were hits so they could be performed too ddd
  4. Wish JLo was doing it alone. She would BRING it and then some.
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  5. So we’re just going to ignore the bop that keeps on giving, “Chantaje,” huh.

    ANYWAY, I could cry at this news honestly.
  6. I'm ready for J. Lo to show the world the performer she is.
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  7. She better perform the underrated banger Live it Up
  8. There's really no need for an extremely dull game to bookend this pop culture moment.
  9. I'd love it if the whole thing was just in Spanish. Rile them up queens.
  10. Poor JLo having to share this moment with Shakira.
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  11. Do It Well sis...
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  12. I’m only a moderate fan of both of them but this is really fun news. They will both smash it I’m sure - and they should definitely release a huge collab to finale with.

  13. Guess I'll have to adjust with Shakira, but.
  14. I'm loving this simply for the dramatics from the straight men. I mean...
  15. Here for them to open with No Me Ames (Tropical Version) and a whole salsa choreo with an orchestra just to fuck with everyone.
  16. Is there ample time for JLo to cover enough fan pleasing hits? Will Christina Milian get a cameo at the very least?
  17. RJF


    This is going to be a scream. The gags from J Lo alone.
  18. I could have seen J.Lo doing this solo.

    She has enough hits and collabs to have brought on guests to fill the time slot. Pit Bull, Ja Rule, Dj Khaled, Nas, Cardi B, Marc Anthony the list goes on.

    Get Right, Ain’t It Funny/I’m Real, Jenny From The Block, On The Floor, Love Don’t Cost A Thing and Let’s Get Loud would have been a cute set.
  19. Use that Hustlers connection and get Lizzo in for a quick moment for a verse of Truth Hurts!

    ddd if the stars aligned the vikings would also make it to the super bowl in this timeline

    edit: she could also change it to [insert playing team here]
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