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J. Lo & Shakira 2020 Halftime Show

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. How is anyone still giving oxygen to the “should just be Jen” chatter?

    Just say you’re incapable of understanding a world that exists outside America and the UK and move along.

  2. I LOVE that Paula Abdul seems to think Nicole Scherzinger is Shakira.

    Stream 'React', out February the 7th!


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  3. 12:30
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  4. Maybe she thought the Masked Singer was during the Super Bowl?

  5. The howl I let out.

    While we're at it we need Shakira to bring out a shirtless Calle 13 for a performance of this megabop.

    Speaking of hot Latin men, what is Maluma up to these days?
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  6. This feels reductive to both women’s careers
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  7. How? I didn’t mean it that way
    I meant to say they compliment each other and that the people complaining are only looking through an American hit list
    I’m not insulting them. It’s true most Western audiences only know those eras while pop music stans and Latin America know they have so much more
  8. I'm ready for Demi's National Anthem

  9. aux


    Oh my fucking god, can y’all just shut the fuck up? This thread is a mess.

    Shakira and J.Lo are both great, powerful Latinas. I love the idea of both of them sharing the stage, as I like them both equally. They are both massive stars to this day, both in their own right. Anyone who is Latin American knows pretty much all their hits, from Jenny From The Block and La Tortura to On The Floor and Chantaje. Hell, even that song with Iggy Azalea that Jennifer had was inescapable.

    My Latino ass is ready for the bops. It’s just a halftime act not the fucking olympics of who is better than who.
  10. Dddd I forgot this was on the cards
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  11. Don’t Start Now’s instrumental already being used in a commercial whew we had to stan.
  12. 45 min to go? I might stay awake and watch las reinas en directo.
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  13. Mute button on standby.
  14. She was already on and killed it.
  15. Oop, good thing I missed it then!
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  16. who has link

  17. The yelling.
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  18. American football is literally the most boring sport to watch.
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  19. That spray tan..
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