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Aural Vampire just put out their first release in five years. Just hit play and the opener is already a banger.

A reminder of these old bops as well:

edit: Wait, BASARA is insane. They did it again!!

New Basara is crazy. I’ve loved the original for years but the cleaner vocal and intensity of this new version is pure slayage.
Remembered that this bop existed today. Very Natalia Kills meets J-pop, tbh.

God I love her, she doesn't have a single bad song in her small discography. Actually, i think she was more Tove Lo before Tove Lo.
I need Bubbleman Engine (aka one of the best J-pop albums) on Spotify right now!

About the ray, reina, ninos.
They got quebrado, do
Got a gay ass bitch psycho
Do, do, do.do.do.dogs
Funny that I've discovered them ten years ago thanks to this very thread and yet they've barely been mentioned since but anyway Gacharic Spin's new album “W” is scheduled for July 5th and it cannot be less than an absolute banger.

The current line-up is amazing and their live shows are such a blast.