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Which Ami Suzuki dresses will we have the pleasure and luxury of obtaining a piece of a fabric of?

No idea, I vote for the DOLCE one.

This is joke.

Yeah, I had a feeling it wouldn't be a solid release. It saves me money.

I really like their TRIBUTE albums. A new one would've been too good to be true.

'Love&Peace Forever' by AAA, 'GOING 2 DANCE' by girl next door and 'BOY MEETS GIRL' by m-flo back to back are a holy trinity.




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I don't think this guy's ever been posted here but I recently discovered this song and have been completely obsessed with it. His name is Kouichi Arakawa, and he was a The Voice contestant in Japan, but this isn't some soppy ballad, this song is fire.

iScream released their second album a week ago and apparently, they are doing...okay on the charts. I mean I really want some Japanese girl group without 5498578 members to succeed ...