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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. I keep saying to myself that I need to sit down one weekend and just discover J-Pop. I visit a few music forums that concentrate on the type of music that I love already, and many of the posters on there rave about the J-Pop genre. I know that there's going to be lots of stuff within this genre that I like, because the people on these forums that are already into it, are also into the kind of music that I know and love.

    There just seems to be so much of it though. And so much of my time is already taken up by UK/US pop and scandipop - where am I gonna find the hours to keep up to date with J-Pop? Because I know that once I start delving into it, I'm not going to be happy just skimming around the edges. I know that with great pop music - the deeper you dig, the better the gems!

    Tonight though, a friend sent me a link to a youtube video (
    ). And I've decided, that's it. I can't put this on hold any longer. I need to get into J-Pop.

    So where do I start?

    My opening blueprint is going to be the girlband from that youtube video, Perfume. That's one hell of a song - pop music that sounds like dance music. Or the other way round.

    Is anyone else here into J-Pop? Or preferably J-Dance/Pop!
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  2. I'd say start out with Namie Amuro. Her music is sort of pop/r&b with some hip-hop/dance influences thrown in. You'd do best to start with the recent stuff too. I suggest:

    -What A Feeling
    -Hide & Seek
    -Baby Don't Cry

    Although finding those tracks individually may prove difficult, so perhaps just download her PLAY album (2007) and 60s70s80s single (2008).

    If she's to your taste, perhaps check out Koda Kumi, who is similarly R&B-pop (though less ground-breaking) or Ayumi Hamasaki (less good, more rock-pop). I'm afraid my knowledge doesn't stretch much beyond those at the very forefront of the mainstream. Utada Hikaru is a wonderful artist, but possibly not what you're looking for (though don't quote me on that!). She has distinctly high vocals and goes for a more natural, melodic pop sound.
  3. I would say try Capsule's album 'More, More, More' or 'Dolce' by Ami Suzuki. both feature heavily on my most played list and are not too far away from perfume in style.Free, Free by Ami Suzuki if i have to name 1 song.

    oh and the new Best Of by Tommy February6, it's like 80's dance-pop but in a modern way. Kiss One More Time is her best song.

    there is loads out there!
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Her PLAY album is fantastic. Please listen to the first 2 tracks and orgasm.
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  5. *Dusts off this thread*

    K-pop needs some competition, so I'm taking it upon myself to revive this thing.

    I haven't heard a ton of good J-pop this year, but this new song from Maki Goto got my attention:

    "Queen Bee" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRTBTFonaas

    Has such a good beat! Actually much of her recent stuff has been very good:

    "Fly Away" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptm8zBdawY0
    "Lady Rise" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YRmr4AusRg

    If anyone has any other suggestions, by all means! I've been neglecting J-pop this year unfortunately.
  6. Namie Amuro is amazing. 'Sexy Girl' is all kinds of WIN.
  7. Capsule's definitely a great electronic duo, but I prefer Sugarless GiRL to More More More. I was pretty disappointed in that album outside the insanely catchy "Jumper". Of course, this is my opinion.

    OP: I would also check out Utada Hikaru's Ultra Blue. I believe that's her best album to date. And for Ayumi, I believe she peaked with her (miss)Understood album.
  8. I could not get into Ayumi no matter how hard I try. Downloaded her NEXT LEVEL album and found that the interludes were better then actual songs.
  9. Ayumi has had a similar career trajectory as Madonna, though crammed into a 10 year span. Her recent stuff is largely derivative of her older stuff, but not as good. That said, she used to be one of my favorite J-pop artists, if the THE top. Her Duty, I Am..., RAINBOW, and Memorial Address albums along with some later singles are her best. She really was good I tell you! NEXT LEVEL, despite being very much my genre, was pretty bad. I didn't even put in on my iPod.

    And all these recommendations I've heard haha - just this year, 2009, I need some catching up.

    Perfume's newest album was pretty decent, though not as immediate and fun as GAME.
  10. It's strange: Japan, as a country, fascinates me but the majority of Asian artists I listen to are Korean!

    My big J-Pop loves are Namie Amuro and Kumi Koda, and I've recently begun to appreciate Ayumi Hamasaki. So I'd recommend those three for sure.

    I think I'm gonna have to do some real digging into the J-Pop scene!
  11. MEG is amazing once you get past the cuteness of most of her music. PRECIOUS, PRISM BOY, HEART, WHY = Amazing

    So is Ami Suzuki, if you try to forget that her first 5 (including the Greatest Hits) exist. The DOLCE and Supreme Show albums are both great dance-pop.
  12. To me, Koda's Showgirl will always be the greatest J-Pop track ever. It really is sublime.
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Namie Amuro!
  14. I love alan's debut album (Voice of Earth). She is pretty and has an amazing voice!

    Here's a live performance of her debut single, 明日への讃歌 (An Hymn For Tomorrow):
  15. Though I do quite like the title track of Next Level. But agreed that Ayumi's best stuff is earlier. I think "I Am..." is my favorite album. Contains "Daybreak," "Evolution," "M," "No More Words"...good stuff.

    And you guys have made me curious about Kumi Koda and MEG, who I don't know much about.
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