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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Wow the memories flooding back. I should finally dive into their discography.
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  2. Up-Front artists singing for those in the front lines fighting the pandemic:

    paging @aaronhansome
  3. Anyone familiar with Nami Tamaki?

    I'm enjoying her songs.

  4. Hey haven’t posted here in a long while but here are some stuff I’ve found since been away lol

    This has to be one of the best shoegaze/dream pop/idol albums in YEARS like wow. Every song is euphoric and beautiful. •••••••••• was the original group that sprouted this one. Their albums are truly incredible too

    Found this girl a few months ago and she just released her debut and its full of trap-infused melancholy pop HITS! this song is def one of the best. Love the vid too and her piercing

    this is a lil old but I cannot believe I just found this band now lmao. So many synths. Much like Javiera Mena’s early work. The vid is insanely addictive

    Maison Book Girl is releasing a best-of album soon. And to celebrate they posted a video for My Cut(off their first album) and def fan favorite. The video’s concept was “if MBG filmed like a regular idol group” and it’s funny tbh. Almost reminds me some of CY8ER’s vids

    and speaking of CY8ER they released the best jpop album this year so far

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  5. Okaeri. Thank you so much for the recommendation.
  6. duh!

  7. Speaking of Tamaki Nami, I only really listened to her Shinichi Osawa produced "LADY MIND" single, which is a complete and utter bop. Should delve deeper into her discography.
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  8. Let's not forget her other Shinichi Osawa banger "Paradise"
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  9. Aimer's concert is currently being livestreamed:

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  10. The other songs don't appeal to me (yet) but this one sounds like a huge bop.
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  11. 3Xs


    Thanks for posting some more... modern picks ddd. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck in a 2000's time capsule in this thread. No shade

    You really weren't joking about the CY8ER album! Some of the tracks give me Perfume except way more adventurous than anything they've released in about half a decade, but even that description does a disservice to how good it is at times.

    I'm slowly getting back into jpop after missing out on the last few years. Like a lot of people I've been (gloriously) stuck in a citypop rabbit hole since about 2014 which I'm only now getting out of dd.

    I am enjoying Sakanaction's huge double album these days. Huge not only in size but also in the sheer boppery of some of the bangers on here. As usual Ichiro's taste is impeccable and I love how he isn't afraid at all to blur the boundaries of genre. You can tell he is well-educated in EDM, pop, and even R&B cus this is some of the sexiest, most funky, dancable rock music there is. The end result is probably a bit bloated but there's so much to come back to depending on your mood, the time of day, the season, and all of it is good. Perhaps not a shocking departure from their established sound but definitely a huge triumph in how well it's executed and serves as a nice culmination after over 5 years of waiting and the slow trickle of singles (which I'm glad I wasn't present for so all of this is new for me).

    Finally, let me thank whoever recommended REOL a few pages back cus that whole album is just fire. It's very mini (another 00s flop avex gorl I'm sure you all remember), which I definitely mean as a compliment!
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  12. Today, I'm missing Negoto. Most of their music videos are country restricted so here's the album that's currently making me ascend:

    An old favorite of mine

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  13. JK ñññ

    When it comes to Jpop releases I'm mostly lost out of idoldom, but I've been listening to official hige dandism lately

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  14. Didn't think I would get emotional at Kato Miliyah covering "Bad Romance" and "Born to Die" on Insta.
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  15. Honestly she's really been a guiding light for me during this whole thing....
    Seeing her sing People and I miss you in this setting really changed the meaning for me and related heavily to me in this time.
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  16. Her voice is like a balm to all my cuts and bruises.
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  17. I am so grateful for all the JPop content we've been getting during lockdown! Ayumi's live compilations (now that her concerts have been taken down), BoAs themed compilation videos, concerts from Kumi, Moumoon, Do as Infinity, Daichi and Gackt.

    Just started watching Daichi's concert and loving it so far. I think Unlock could be a new favourite. I've never watched a Gackt concert before so started with his 2006 tour. What a setlist! Using Ares as the introduction and then you get songs like Emu ~for my dear~, Fragance and Ash and so any more! I'm actually watching it again haha.

    Can Avex upload a Sky-Hi concert please? Also some more Globe would be great too, thanks!
  18. Speaking of more recent releases, last month J Soul Brothers came back with a new single called Movin' On. It's kinda good definitely a breath of fresh air for them.

  19. The OG gay icons of J-pop tho.
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  20. Avex has uploaded 2 MAX concerts.

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