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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. SKY-HI has already done some live sessions on Instagram, but this one is a more 'proper' and polished performance. He was really feeling it: the vocals, the pajamas, the candles, the keyboard,... . The talent.

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  2. So talented!

    Looks like there was a video for "Kamai-tachi" that we missed, dddd.
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  3. Not Kyary getting ha wig snatched.
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  4. Literally. Bald.
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  5. 3Xs


    Literally an hour of nothing but bops. LITERALLY AN HOUR OF NOTHING BUT BOPS. Wow not everyone can say they did that.

    The girls' live vocals were genuinely impressive in this! Their rendition of "Summer Time" elevates it from basic eurobeat bop into a tears-on-the-dancefloor anthem about the fragility and heartbreak of summer love. Love the added live instrumentals as well. Way better than the recorded version. And then the transition into "Because I Need You"?? Woooooahhh. The audience was getting their full life and so was I.

    Anyway, the 2000 concert was still enjoyable as well but by then their material had gotten spottier. MAX's early period right up through Give Me Shake was pretty bulletproof and this concert really captures that. The bops and the talentry at their peak!
  6. MAX are so underrated, they really know how to serve a banger!

  7. Kind of a shame that they resorted to becoming some kind of.. parody group (That's the best way I can phrase it ddd) ONNA (SELFIE) is terrible in English or Japanese.
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  8. Was actually reading my emails from Spotify and did not realise Rurutia released a single on Friday!!!
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  9. You reminded me that JYONGRI is releasing a new one at the end of May as well.
  10. Oh my god, her new song is stunning

    EDIT: Also need to watch that Sky-Hi live! He is so cute in those pjs!
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  11. SKY-HI using the synth reminds me of this:

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  12. So if anybody interested, complete Sayuri Sugawara's discography is on streaming apps, and if you are like....who? Well maybe you'll remember her as a singer of the infamous FFXIII theme song which I adore, however, she was one of my favorite singers in the period when rnb chaku-uta wintery filp phone ballads were on peak 2010, I just love her voice, she has the range *I only listen to singers gif*

    Now she independent, but still consistent with releasing new music, I'm glad she didn't gave up.
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  13. I remember her, although I never got to listen to her music outside of the song for Final Fantasy.
  15. I've just stumbled upon this singer. I have no idea if this is one long song, or two that are supposed to flow into each others, either way my scalp is under attack.

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  16. You better stan sis. TELEPATHY and GALAXY (the other song in the video) are pure perfection. Babe, Shine and Communication from her first album are great too.
    Her cover of TANGO NOIR is pretty good too, though not a patch on Queen Akina's original:

    It's a shame her singing career was so short lived.
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  17. I....went down a little Suzuki Ami rabbit hole today and...I had no idea she and Aly&AJ performed Potential Breakup Song LIVE?!?!?!

    This is EVERYTHING!
  18. Ooh, another artist I remember by name, but haven't heard a single song. This is giving me a bit of Kylie and I should check her out, since this piqued my interest.
    I remember this, even though I wasn't following any of the parties involved at the time. Still iconic, especially Aly and AJ singing in Japanese.
  20. Not the font matching exactly!
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