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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Gackt...you OK hun?

    Had a wee nose at the video and suffice to say I will not be listening to some of his songs the same way again!
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  2. What's next? A fisting initiation?
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  3. Im sending this to his malice mizer band mates
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  4. A new song by Reichi.

    She's also releasing a (mini-)album next week, called 'Twempty'.

    A new song by Da-iCE.

    Here are 2 b-sides to lol's newest single 'work it out': 'lights camera action' and 'love game'.

    And globe's Marc Panther did a non-stop 5h+ live stream to celebrate globe's 25th anniversary.

  5. I'm surprised there wasn't an album with Lemon in yet!

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  6. 5 years later, I find out 1000say had released a new(ish) album... oop. This single slaps though:

    From older albums, I replayed these songs a lot back in the day:

    I must be craving some new Jrock realness as most of my favorite bands are now broken up or inactive.
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  7. @Crisp X who are your fave JRock bands?
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  8. School Food Punishment
    Boom Boom Satellites

    As for active ones, Passepied, Ling Tosite Sigure, Arukara and TAMTAM among others. I don't regularly keep up with their newer stuff like I used to, but it's comforting to know that Dir En Grey and MUCC, who were my gateways into Jrock, are still releasing music too.
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  9. Here's the full tracklist of the best of album by SKY-HI, a Fun-Loving Youth En Route To Success:

    Disc 1: POPS BEST
    01. カミツレベルベット 2020 (※Re-rec & Re-Mix)
    02. Snatchaway <Remastered>
    03. Blanket <Re-rec & Remastered>
    04. キミサキ <Re-rec & Remastered>
    05. 創始創愛 <Remastered>
    06. アイリスライト 2020(※Re-rec & Re-Mix)
    07. 愛ブルーム <Remastered>
    08. スマイルドロップ '16 <Remastered>
    09. Chit-Chit-Chat <Remastered>
    10. 朝が来るまで <Remastered>
    11. Seaside Bound <Re-rec & Remastered>
    12. Over the Moon <Re-rec & Remastered>
    13. クロノグラフ <Re-rec & Remastered>
    14. そこにいた (※New Song)
    15. Marble <Remastered>
    16. ナナイロホリデー <Remastered>

    Disc 2: RAP BEST
    01. フリージア ~Original~ <Remastered>
    02. As a Sugar <Remastered>
    03. LUCE <Remastered>
    04. Doppelgänger <Remastered>
    05. Persona <Remastered>
    06. F-3 <Remastered>
    07. Tyrant Island <Remastered>
    08. Serial <Remastered>
    09. Enter The Dungeon <Remastered>
    10. 十七歳 <Re-rec & Remastered>
    11. Diary <Remastered>
    12. Limo <Remastered>
    13. TOKYO SPOTLIGHT <Re-rec & Remastered>
    14. Double Down <Re-rec & Remastered>
    15. Walking on Water <Re-rec & Remastered>
    16. Sky's The Limit (※New Song)

    01. Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy feat. STAMP
    02. Sexual Healing (※New Song)
    03. Goodbye To The System / SKY-HI×SALU
    04. Shiawase feat. Honey C (※New Song)
    05. What are you talking about? feat. Hideyoshi & Novel Core <Remastered>
    06. So What?? feat. eill, KENSUKE a.k.a. KEN THE 研究丸, KEN THE 390 <Remastered>
    07. Name Tag feat. SALU, HUNGER, Ja Mezz, Moment Joon <Remastered>
    08. ハリアッ! feat. 尾崎裕哉 & KERENMI <Remastered>
    09. Diver's High <Remastered>
    10. 何様 feat. ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ <Remastered>
    11. Role Playing Soldier <Remastered>
    12. New Verse -Remix- feat. eill <Remastered>
    13. I Think, I Sing, I Say feat. Reddy <Remastered>
    14. #Homesession -afterwards- (※New Song)

    I love how he goes the extra mile to remaster, re-mix and/or re-record most of the songs to make it a bit more special. There are also about 13 songs that weren't on his main albums, including some new songs and b-sides, so it's a good deal.

    Happy to see 'I Think, I Sing, I Say' included. I only wish 'illusions' (the song he did with Kaneko Nobuaki) could've made it.

    I wonder if 'Sexual Healing' will be a cover. He has been feeling his oats for a while now.
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  10. [​IMG]

    And I don't know why this reminded me of Miz/Mizrock. She was never big, but I somehow arrived to her album back in 2006 and I remember stanning this song in all its Kelly Clarkson glory ñññ

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  11. Ugh that's it, I'm once again getting hit by a wave of sadness due to their break up, and I might need to indulge into their discography and watch this for the upteenth time to recover:

    If they were more popular, I'd totally do a rate just for them.
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  12. me last night when YouTube's algorithm decided to play

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  13. This is such a powerful song especially coupled with "Sangatsu Kokonoka".
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  14. Has anyone in the US been having issues with Yesasia lately? I tried to get some DAOKO and Sheena Ringo albums recently, but none of my payment options were showing up when I tried to check out. I've never had issues with them before, my PayPal worked on another website afterwards, and I had the money for it, so I wanted to see if anyone had the same issue. Google's been no help.
    I was really excited to have the new DAOKO album, so if anyone could help I'd appreciate it. That, or suggest an alternate non-Ebay site. (Ebay has it, but it's 4x the Yesasia price and I'm not that desperate yet.)
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Welcome back after like 4 years!

    Sorry I'm no help.
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  16. No worries! I just figured this was my best shot at getting my question answered.

    I got into an argument right before I left and felt so embarrassed about it I didn't want to come back... turns out it takes me about 3 years to get over feeling embarrassed.
    I did pop back last year because I wanted to honor Joaquin_Del_Rey's iconic post.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    @aaronhansome and @RUNAWAY might be able to help you!

    Glad you're back with us!
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  18. @Plethorya i personally haven’t ordered from yesasia in ages as I end up ordering from amazon japan most often now, I’m sorry!
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