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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. No, that helps! I didn't know I could order from Amazon Japan if I was in the US. I'll give it a try. Thank you!
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    @Plethorya I've never had any issues with YesAsia, but I've always had it linked to Paypal so I'm not sure if there's problems on their site with saving payment info. Also, I use CDJapan for my Japanese releases and their DHL shipping is super cheap now. If it's not in stock, or not on their website, I use their proxy service which is also surprisingly affordable.
    ~$35 USD for the Daoko album: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/TFCC-86715?s_ssid=e353255f3ee9f3f819 (assuming this is the one you're referring to.)
    As far as Sheena Ringo goes, here's their catalog listing for her: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/person/700134631?s_ssid=e35ce65f3eea74e8e8 - a lot of it is out of stock, but again, their proxy service is fucking awesome.
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  3. oh yeah, bezos is awful but NN Amazon Japan kicks ass in terms of shipping time and prices so yes try it. I recently re-got nearly all of Utada's albums from them again with like 30 percent off.
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    I've also had a lot of....not necessarily bad experiences (FRUSTRATIONS honestly) regarding Amazon.co.jp. I've been looking for out of print stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and find it there, and I'm already logged in with my shipping address to the US populated, and find stuff in the marketplace (where it says it will ship to the US) and then when I get to my cart, the website states that none of the items can be sent to the US....
    So it's honestly just a hassle. So much of the stuff I've also tried to buy straight from Amazon, not a third party seller, as it's massively discounted, only to get the same message. So I've pretty much given up on ever getting a fantastic deal from them. That same issue has happened the last....at least 7 or 8 times I've found a deal on their website. Now I just check the Japanese Yahoo shopping website, and Rakuten global market, and then put the item numbers into CDJapan's proxy shopping website. By doing that, I'm getting SNUPER's entire Japanese discography (limited editions too) for around ~$70 USD.
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  5. I am sorry you have had those frustrations. Yahoo Japan auctions are a GOLDMINE though Jesus.
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  6. Thanks for helping me with this everyone.

    While I'm here, I may as well say thank you to this thread.
    A while ago I wanted to expand my musical taste past just things sung in English, so I read this thread from the beginning (mostly at work...) and checked out anyone who sounded interesting.
    When I got used to finding things I enjoyed, I started finding more music in other languages I enjoyed.
    All that is to say, I can honestly credit this thread for opening me up to non-English music and I'm really glad for that.
    On a more direct note, traveling through this thread showed me a lot of acts whose albums I now own and enjoy. I've got a pretty sizable J-Pop collection now.
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  7. Passepied's new single "Synthesize" will be released tomorrow and this one is poppier and more electronic influenced than its predecessor:

  8. There is a multiple days FNS concert going on and today Kumi and AI performed their biggest hits together. They sounded wonderful.

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  9. Ooh, forgot to post new JASMINE. Haven't had the chance to listen yet.

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  10. A new song by SKY-HI featuring Honey Cocaine.

    Nice and smooth.

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  11. This reminds me of Namie's retro-like sound with a touch of Koda Kumi's Show Girl, ESCAPE was also a great single, maybe Airi can really be the next it-girl?
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  12. New BENI music video. She also mentioned on Insta that she almost finished working on her English album!
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  13. It's Ito Yuna's 15th anniversary today! Still one of the tightest discographies in JPop. Too bad it's not very likely that we'll get anything from her music wise.
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  14. queen of ballads, honestly

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  15. Gorgeous ballads, yes, but "losin'" and "Stay In Love" are two of the best pop songs ever. Period.
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  16. Yes loved Losin and Journey!
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  17. So Lisa finally releasing a new album in....October and this could be her transformation to full-blown pop star. She serving some looks in the new video I just wish she had more than one outfit.
  18. A new song by Kalen Anzai:

    I love her first singles with the 'classic avex sound' and futuristic styling, but with this song and her previous one (with the fanfare) it feels like she's coming into her own.

    And yet another new song by SKY-HI:

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  19. New releases.

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  20. Okay, I think this is their best music video yet, visuals are on point.

    Is it just me or they trying to make Hina to be a not so obvious center? I just released she was in her last group...someone is really pushing her. I mean I don't have anything against her but I like how members in Faky are always equal with screentime and lines.
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