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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. JASMINE and BENI releasing new music, my girls really be coming back.
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    Stay tuned for the J-R&B Divas rate.....coming......uhhhhhhhh....sometime in the next 24 months hopefully!
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  3. AKB is finally on Spotify and I'm back in 2011

  4. I can't believe UZA is 8 years old already!
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  5. I've become a little obsessed with Kenshi Yonezu lately. Does anybody know of any artists similar to him?
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  6. the DRAMA surrounding that single.

    The first single without Acchan (cause they still managed to drag her for a cameo in Gingham Check)! The next generation taking over! Mayuyu can’t do the dance, give the center to Yuko! But still give Mayu the center scenes in the PV!

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  7. I mean the biggest drama for me is how out of sync they are in the music video, it looks like they practiced only 3 days.
    I remember actually there was a lot of fuss around the original Beginner video and that was even banned because it's too....gore? I actually think it's done pretty well with lots of easter eggs, but I guess they had to watch out for their image.
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  8. They film their videos so in advance you'd think it's a Drag Race season. So yeah, there are always mistakes in their dance routines and the lipsyncing (also because Akimoto will change lyrics all the time and they might even be filming the video without the full song ññ).

    And yes, Beginner was presented during some event and apparently many people were upset with the Acchan screaming scene. So they just ditched the whole thing.
  9. nobody’s doing it like him, but I’m quite fond of Mukai Taichi. he leans more RNB!
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  10. Thank you for the suggestion! I'm listening to him right now, it sounds really good so far.
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  11. Oh wow, BENI is married, pregnant and ready to release an English EP. Congrats to her and her family.

    Not this KPop inspired schedule!
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  12. Hinatazaka46 released their debut album this week:

    Not really their debut, but the first album under their new name, since they had already released Hashiridasu Shunkan as Hiragana Keyakizaka46.

    Keyakizaka46 is no more and they're being renamed as Sakurazaka46.

    Their 9th single was cancelled, but they released a digital song as farewell:

    And I made a playlist with my favourite 100 AKB songs xxx
  13. Not a big surprise, but AAA's Dome Tour has been postponed to 2021. It's for the best and I'd rather have them celebrate their 15th Anniversary properly.

    SKY-HI released his best of album and did a new live concert. This time from his parents' house.

    Seeing his parents being such obviously big fans of their son is so sweet. His father bopping to 'Limo', his mother lip syncing some lyrics,... . SKY-HI controlling the camera, the PowerPoint-fades,... . It's the equivalent of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Kitchen Disco's.

    Both SKY-HI and Sophie keep on giving and make it so easy to keep on stanning them. Having them around makes everything a bit more bearable with all that's happening in the world.
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  14. This was so cute, oh my goodness.

    Some new Mika music videos.

  15. So if you need another bop like La di da here it is actually it was out before it

    I just wish that chorus hits harder...
  16. Aimyon released a new album last month and I'm already stanning with that title

    Also, just went down an Oricon trip on Generasia and Kenshi Yonezu's last album sold over a million copies? That's quite impressive, since the 2019 best selling album after Arashi's BEST was at 500k.

    Also, new Mr. Children single!

    ñññ I clicked on this and it's been on repeat for half an hour now
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  17. Legit thought this was FAKY for a hot second

    Maybe I just miss 2015 FAKY.

  18. さよなら
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  19. It looks like avex forgot to remove one of the many full concerts we got in April for a limited time.

    None other than hitomi. Enjoy while you can.

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