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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Looking forward to this! One Chance are so underrated.
  2. I'm late but I just caught up with the Aimer singles and bsides that followed her double album and... she could sing me the alphabet and I'd still stan. I love how seamlessly she keeps straddling the line between lush piano/acoustic guitar/orchestral pop and rockier material.

    Those are new favorites of mine:

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  3. It was only yesterday that I listened to Aimer's Best Selection noir.

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  4. Aimer is just incredible, the quality of he releases and the amount of it. Stellar.
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  5. Sandaime J Soul Brothers have released a new song to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The song is one of their best in years, the production reminds me of The Weeknd's Blinding Lights.
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  6. (Shirtless) SKY-HI is at it again.

    Can't wait for it. Here's some artwork:


    And there's also this new song (not to be confused with 'Shiawase' feat. Honey Cocaine which is on his best of album he released in September).

    It looks like he's releasing 6 songs over the course of the next few months:

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  8. Tokyo Jihen and BABYMETAL debuts!
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  9. Friendship ended with Keyakizaka! Now Sakurazaka is my best friend:


    Morning Musume is also releasing a new single:

    And... I know this EDM thingy is what made them get popular again, but it's getting boring. Literally every song sounds the same. It's been 8 years now!
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  10. The two new FKA Keyakizaka tracks are the best they've done in a while.

    Meanwhile, I can't think of the last time Morning Musume were interesting... the other Hello! Project groups surpassed them years ago, especially Juice=Juice.

    Here's something that came out recently that I've been spinning a lot! More Exile groups sounding less like Exile groups... I think we should have that conversation.

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  11. I like this!


    Here's SKY-HI's late Halloween song in full:

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  12. Cute little set, she performed only two songs. Tokyo literally made me cry...and Cherry is beautiful too....ah good old times, this made me so nostalgic.
  13. So, so nostalgic! Man I miss the beautiful acoustic j-pop acts of the 00s like YUI and Angela Aki.
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  14. Oh my god, I need to go through YUI's and Angela Aki's discographies again soon, I've been missing them.
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  15. YUI's at least is on Spotify and you can go for a listen there, but Angela??????????? There's literally NOTHING of her anywhere.

    I'm happy that she hasn't completely ditched her own discography. Makes me wonder if she'll someday do a concert/tour revisiting it.
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  16. FAKY keep on chucking out good songs.

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  17. Wow I thought she'd never perform those songs ever again... this warms my heart!
  18. Anyone know why Ami Suzuki’s catalogue is on Apple Music but not Spotify? Other Avex artists are on there, I hate paying for Apple just for one artist
  19. YouTube literally just recommended them to me. When did JPOP girl groups become so grounded, sophisticated and polished?! I love them!!
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