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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Just came across ‘little more’ tonight and I’m a little obsessed, such a good sound !

    And the MV is excellent too, I’m so used to Kpop MVs that 3 minutes of the performers not making direct eye contact with me was kind unreal lmao. Loved how they were in their own world.
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  2. Such a shame and a mess.

    I hope our favourite Avex artists will be able to manage or find other ways to keep on making music and performing.

    It makes you wonder how profitable artists like Ayumi, Koda Kumi, AAA,... really are. Or what this means for 'smaller' artists like SKY-HI (as a solo-artist) who has had quite a lot of output these last few years.
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  3. Miliyah's cover albums are out. "TAKE BACK" is wonderful.

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  4. Why am I not surprised about avex going under? I agree with the article about them not cultivating a new crop of talent being their undoing. As much as I love Ayu and friends let’s not kid ourselves into thinking they are much more than legacy acts in the current J-Pop scene. Sad to say but I’m not sure if there’s a place anymore for avex and their brand of pop anymore. J-Pop seems more and more geared to indie acts nowadays with idol acts scattered here and there. Groups like FAKY while they have some bops are hardly groundbreaking and their area is already over saturated by K-Pop acts anyway.

    Namie knew best to jump of that sinking ship with her bag stuffed with ¥¥¥ ddd
  5. As much as I love her, Ayu let herself become that legacy act that she is. Churning out albums just to have an excuse to tour and not caring about the quality of said albums is gonna eventually cost. But I doubt she's in danger of this cull.

    As for idols, I think the Zaka46 groups will be fine cause they are in demand these days, but I'm surprised that none of the 48 theatres have closed. HKT just opened their new one. Good for them, I guess!

    Also, new Keyaki Sakurazaka:

  6. And poor Kuu hasn’t had a solid album in 10 years...
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  7. I'm shaking!

    April though...
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  8. True.

    Maybe it's for the best my faves AAA decided to quit at the beginning of the year. The decline of physical sales aside, their tours actually became bigger and bigger, being able to fill domes. They're also merchandise-heavy. Still, I guess, we just don't know the economics behind it.

    Outdated or not, the output we got from avex: Ayumi, Koda Kumi, AAA, globe, TRF, hitomi, Namie Amuro, Every Little Thing, Do As Infinity, Ai Otsuka, Ami Suzuki,... the power. Solid music up until this day. But I'm not young and hip.
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  9. Shoo, shoo.
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  10. They look gorgeous and the choreo kicks some ass, but the song...

  11. I mean is anyone surprised with the situation with Avex? They did define jpop in 90/2000 but at this moment acts like Zutomayo and Yoasobi are huge, but no, they still trying Kalen Anzai happens I do like her don't get me wrong. I'm not afraid for the artist like Ai Otsuka, she can find another deal....but if Avex goes down, Faky goes down and they don't even have a debut album, we must protect them.

    And since Shizuka Kondo is again in the center of attention with her daughters abnormal nepotism, let me remind you of this bop

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  12. Looking forward to Ami Suzuki’s providential cover of “Magic” to single-handedly save avex from the brink.
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  13. For those of you who miss Cheer Up-era TWICE - NiziU's debut release!
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  14. OMG!!!

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  15. A new song by Taichi Mukai, a bit Shawn Mendes-ish, but Taichi's far more likeable and talented:

    Album-less (and soon to be label-less?) Kalen Anzai released her 7th single:

    And... a Christmas song by CHANMINA and SKY-HI:

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  16. CHANMINA and SKY-HI together is amazing!
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  17. I love the Chanmina and Sky-Hi PV! The Xmas scenes and 80s Idol scenes! More please!

    Another one for the Winter Playlist!

    Yes! It is very true that Avex have struggled with new acts in recent years (or not put enough focus on them) but I love that they've never dumped their older acts. Solid music indeed!

    Kalen's new song is cute (although I hate the font!). I thought it was going to be very generic (well it is!) but it's enjoyable.

    Also feeling all the nostalgia for this song right now:

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