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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. This was out for a while and we all collectively didn't bother to share it here?
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  2. Well, this is a surprise. A new song by none other than Ami Suzuki. It's nice to see and hear her again in the year 2021. It's been 84 years.

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  3. A bit of a serve.
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  4. Oh god, maybe it’s different when you’re not bombarded with it everyday but I hear it in the supermarket, in convenience stores, on YouTube ads…
    Kind of ironic that a song about telling someone they’re being annoying has actually become.. annoying dd
  5. Just found out about Marinasu because of a tweet from FN2 Eurobeat Union and woah they slap.

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  6. [​IMG]

    I can imagine it can be a bit too much. I listened to it on repeat the other day while driving and my head was throbbing after 20 min ñññ
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  7. Glad to see that money from her new rich hubby is well invested since albums are flopping.
    She looks good!

    Ai Otsuka just announced new album at the end of this year too.....and Kyary releasing hers in October... okay now we need Hikki to follow the trend and release the damn album this year.
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  8. SKY-HI will also release a new album at the end of next month. It's called 'Hachimen Roppi'. Apparently, it means 'Versatile'...


    It'll include 'Mr. Psycho', '仕合わせ feat. Kan Sano', 'To The First', 'me time', 'Dive To World feat. Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES)' and more.

    MIYAVI will release a new album next week called 'Imaginary'. Here's the title track:

    A new song by 'End of the World' (SEKAI NO OWARI) in English:

    In other news, KOM_I has left Wednesday Campanella. Utaha is the new vocal. It's been a while since they've released new music.

    I was also hoping we would have a release date for Hikki's next album by now. Teasing us with 'Find Love' and then nothing. Giving us everything except the album.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Miliyah videos have finally started being officially uploaded in HD and un-geoblocked for the first time!!!

    This isn't just a shameless plug for the J-R&B divas rate, but...all these songs are included so...... <3
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  10. Oh my god, yes!!
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  11. The way Sony is showering the Sakamichi groups with coin for their videos...

    me @ AKB:

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    Okay this I didn't see coming....they're continuing chronologically and the REMIX album is getting remastered too!!!!?! Really hoping that when they get to the current era they'll loop back around through the Shibuya-kei era to LDK.

  13. You know it *wink*
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  14. Some news:

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is releasing her 5th album on October 27th.

    SPEED are getting a tribute album on November 11th featuring Kumi, Mika, BENI and Crystal Kay among others.
  15. omg??????????????
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  16. When does the J-R&B Divas rate begin, do we know? I need to start scheming for miss Kay to win.

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    MORE Miliyah goodness as the iconic Shanice sampling bop that is Koishiteru is FINALLY un-geoblocked along with Kono Mama Zutto Asa Made, which sits firmly in my top 5 of her entire discography. LALALA, FUTURECHECKA, and Eyes on you were also just uploaded today so feel free to check them out as well <3

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  18. We're in the queue and we have around 4 rates that are supposed to start before ours, so probably a couple of months... which is a very sharp kick in my and @RUNAWAY's gut to start prepping.
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  19. The boys update:

    A live performance of 'Dive To World'. Since it's release, I've been listening to this song daily:

    Here's the tracklist of SKY-HI's new album to be released next month:

    01. To The First <Prod. Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai>
    02. Simplify Yourlife <Prod. SKY-HI>
    03. Mr. Psycho <Prod. SUNNY BOY>
    04. Oh s**t!! feat. SKY-HI / s**t kingz <Prod. SKY-HI>
    05. Tomorrow is another day feat. Michael Kaneko / THE SUPER FLYERS & SKY-HI<Prod. ShingoSuzuki>
    06. me time -remix- feat. Aile The Shota <Prod. hokuto>
    07. Dive To World feat. Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES) <Prod. KM>
    08. Holy Moly Holy Night / ちゃんみな & SKY-HI <Prod. Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai>
    09. 14th Syndrome feat. RUI, TAIKI, edhiii boi <Prod. ☆Taku Takahashi>
    10. Good 4 You feat. DABOYWAY <Prod. SOURCEKEY>
    11. 仕合わせ feat. Kan Sano <Prod. SOURCEKEY>
    12. One More Day feat. REIKO <Prod. Matt Cab>

    Happy to see his Christmas song 'Holy Moly Holy Night' with Chanmina also made the tracklist.

    A new song by AAA's Shuta Sueyoshi:

    A new song by KOHH. Good thing he hasn't retired entirely:

    And Taichi Mukai is celebrating in a fur coat:

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  20. Taichi's new song is quite good, I like it! The MV is fun too ^^
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