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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.


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    Beat my to it! What a SONG!
  2. Miliyah is an icon
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    Will you be voting in our rate?
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  4. oh I barely keep up with the dates and didn’t even know there was one in progress….!

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    It's not running yet, thankfully! But it's coming soon, and it's going to be great <3
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    The full thing is out finally!!

    And a sneak preview of Miliyah's album:

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  7. Same energy.
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    It continues....

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  9. Puffy just released a new album after....10 years and while I still didn't have a chance to listen to it, Pathfinder was on repeat for the whole summer.
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  10. Forgot to say that those Miliyah previews sound majestic as fuck. Perchedt.
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  11. Island

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    The title track to Chanmina's album:
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    One of the most incredible masterpieces in J-Pop is finally remastered and sounds even more incredible:

  13. This album is shaping out to be so good, geez.
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    The remaster of FLASH BACK is out in full as well!

  15. Island

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    I don’t know if the Miliyah snippets are doing it for me.
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  16. Here is the tracklist for the SPEED tribute album, coming out November 11th.

    01. 氣志團 (Kishidan) / Body & Soul
    02. LiSA / Wake Me Up!
    03. Crystal Kay / STEADY
    04. ビッケブランカ (Vickeblanka) / White Love
    05. 中島美嘉 (Nakashima Mika) / my graduation
    07. 倖田來未 (Koda Kumi) / I Remember
    08. 高城れに (Tagaki Reni from Momoiro Clover Z) / Go! Go! Heaven
    09. 大森靖子 (Oomori Seiko) / 熱帯夜 (Nettaiya)
    10. Dream Ami / Precious Time
    11. 矢井田瞳 (Yaida Hitomi) / Too Young
    12. ISSA (DA PUMP) / ALIVE
  17. Here we fucking go!!!
  18. CHANMINA's album is out as well.
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  19. The boys also keep on giving.

    New song by SKY-Hi called 'Good 4 You':

    New song by Taichi Mukai called 'Bravest':

    And a new digital album by Nariaki Obukuro:

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