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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. "Rally" and "Parallax" were apparently co-written with Hikki!

    In some more news, new Mika single:

    And very importantly some Tommy february6 music videos were uploaded officially on YouTube! They are only 480p, but it's something.

    I'm not sure what was the situation with her music on streaming before, but now I see some of the albums and singles for both february and heavenly are on Spotify.
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  3. Final single before the new album "Scorpion Moon" that is out in 2 weeks.
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  4. I was wondering if after Namie retired, there are still successful female soloists in Japan?
  5. I somehow missed the Perfume EP release, and bloody hell, Nakata really took them back to their roots in the best way possible. Delighted.

    I used to be such a huge february/heavenly stan, what a different time!
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  6. Speaking of Nakata the new Kyary song is bonkers, can't wait for the album coming October 27.


  7. So apparently Babymetal are done? I mean they aren't officially broken up but I believe members are graduated and probably there will be a new ones. It's hard to believe that label just gave up when they are at their peak.....Gimmie Chocolate now is even used as a theme song for the new Borderlands spin-off
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    New BoA single coming next month:

  9. YES! She deserves her 20th anniversary celebrated twice.
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  10. FAKY continue bringing it.

    Sony has uploaded some Tommy heavenly6 now. "Pray" is still like the best song ever.

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    MORE! MORE! MORE! remaster out in full!

  12. This is a trip, literally. The whole song feels like you are taking a ride on the rollercoaster and it couldn't get better.
  13. Thelma's and Kyary's albums are out.

  14. The new Kyary album is fantastic. It's her most club-oriented set—the first 3 tracks add up to an absolutely frantic and relentless 10 minutes. Nakata is really on a roll this year.
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  15. I'm trying to study... but Kyary had other plans for me.

  16. I didn't expect Kyary's new album to go so hard. Love it.

    2 new songs, 'Alice' and 'Buckingham', by WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA with new vocalist Utaha. It sounds pretty fresh:

    SKY-HI's new album has also been released. It's a little bit of everything.

  17. Aural Vampire released a single with Megahit (whoever that is) last month and I only found out yesterday!!!!!!

    Must tell the world!

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    My favorite song from the remastered PLAYER is out, along with the rest of the album:

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    The full PLAYER remaster is out!

    Just a few weeks to see if these remasters include WAVE RUNNER (which isn't really in need of one), and the Shibuya-kei era. Fingers crossed!!
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