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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. New Crystal Kay single! A bit of a classic vibe like "Koi ni Ochitara".

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  2. New Yup'in. She's channeling her inner Hikki:

    A new song by boysband BE:FIRST (from SKY-HI's label):

    A new version of MONDO GROSSO's 'Everything Needs Love' feat. BoA from his new greatest hits album:

    This week also marks the 20th anniversary of this bop:

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  3. Did not realise it was the 20th anniversary of Stop! In The Name of Love - was actually listening to this song today!
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  4. It's actually November 14, but it's worthy to be celebrated all week. I wish I already was a globe-fan back in 2001/2002. To experience these releases in less than a year:

    - Single: try this shoot
    - Single: Stop! In the Name of Love
    - Single: genesis of next
    - Single: Many Classic Moments
    - Album: Lights
    - Album: Lights2

    Epic flawless era.
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  5. Love this Niziu new bop.
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  6. I've noticed that NiziU manage to release only bops somehow. Definitely should check them out more closely.
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  7. I really like BENI’s cover version of All My True Love!
    Kumi and Yaiko’s as well.
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  8. H!P coming for those YouTubecore streams!

    Disclaimer: This post is a fallacy as H!P is nowhere to be streamed.
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  9. Another bop from eill
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  10. New Otsuka Ai album in December!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    No tracks from WORLD OF FANTASY have even been previewed, but the whole thing will be available on 11/20!

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  12. Welp, they did it again.
  13. Is there any good website where I could copy from romanized titles of the songs? I bought some Perfume and Utada albums a few weeks ago and having song titles in Japanese is a little bit overwhelming for me. Thanks.
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  14. After School's Dress to kill vibes.
  15. How about a bit of a promo for my friend's and mine website http://lyrics.snakeroot.ru/
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  16. Generasia?
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  17. Today, AAA finally has started their 'AAA DOME TOUR 15th ANNIVERSARY -thanx AAA lot-'. It's their last activity as a group (of 5 members). I'm a little bit sad but hopeful though that in a few years maybe they will return as a group. SKY-HI calls it hiatus, so fingers crossed.


    There just aren't that many mixed j-pop (or k-pop) groups of their caliber.

    This was the setlist apparently.

    01. One Night Animal
    02. MAGIC
    03. BAD LOVE
    04. Medley:
    ①Heart and Soul
      ②No cry No more
    ③ Break Down
    ⑤ Friday Party
    ⑥ BLOOD on FIRE
    05. LIFE
    06. Medley:
    ③ NEW
    07. Flavor of Kiss
    08. 唇からロマンチカ
    09. Medley:
    10. Miss You
    11. 旅ダチノウタ
    12. 恋音と雨空
    13. Eighth Wonder
    14. Next Stage
    15. CALL
    16. GAME OVER ?
    17. DEJAVU
    18. さよならの前に

    19. No Way Back
    20. Medley:
    ①Wake Up!
    ② Q
    ③ Perfect
    ④ ミカンセイ
    21. 777 ~We can sing a song!~
    22. PARTY IT UP
    23. ハリケーン・リリ,ボストン・マリ
    24. Winter lander!!
    25. WAY OF GLORY

    I love how packed and balanced it is. It's a testimony to their success and longevity that they had to add 4 medleys to cover everything. Every album is represented and it'll be interesting to hear how they distributed the verses/choruses now that Urata isn't part of AAA anymore. Especially in the older tracks Urata was one of the main vocals.

    Can't wait for the inevitable bluray-release next year.

    I only would've added 'Niji'.

    Shinjiro Atae (the one with the husky voice) posted this picture on Instagram:

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  18. The YouTube algorithm hitting the spot today


    Also, why did I have no idea about THE FIRST TAKE?????

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  19. Yeah, that "FIRST TAKE" channel is pretty cool.
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  20. Speaking of The First Take after watching Mika's performances I discovered Glay had done Winter, Again which is one of my fave Winter songs:

    Hyde also released the video for his new single Final Piece today which is stunning:

    I'm so happy to hear he's working on a Roentgen 2 as the original is one of my favourite albums of all time.
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