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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Wanted to share this album as it's blown me away.

    Ayaka is ex-leader of the Hello!Project group Angerme (fka S/mileage) and ex-leader of Hello!Project as a whole. For a debut album, it's a great body of work. Parts of it remind me of Goldfrapp so I think a lot of people here will like it.

    After leaving Hello!Project, she's been doing activism work and also came out (without labels). As a fan since her idol days, it's been really gratifying following her.
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  2. The Angerme girls are so talented. I’m still shocked at how good Tamura is and this song comes back every day to my brain:

    In other H!P news, Tomoko graduated from J=J today.

    She was the first H!P idol to stay in the franchise after 25, and she’s only leaving due to her endometriosis.
  3. Not me reading that name and thinking "wow, Wada Akiko has fans on PopJustice, who would've thought?", dddd.
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  4. This has me screaming????

  5. Finally!
    Lovely to see NiziU version of this song performance!
    Way better than audition ver.
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  6. Takei Masami and Takahashi Mai, the married couple from 'Czecho No Republic', have formed a sub-unit, called 'Living Rita'.

    Here's their first release:

    And here's a live performance for 'Venus' and 'Escape':

    Next month (26/1), Aimer will be releasing a 2 disc b-side collection 'Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni'.
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    CAPSULE are releasing another new song on 12/10 entitled 'Virtual Freedom'!

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  8. Came across this lovely performance of Planetarium by Ai Otsuka on Youtube:

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  9. Your post had me researching what this group is all about….well this deceptively deceiving song (with its 500 key changes) has me gagged! What a BOP!

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  10. Picking this song. Taste! If you like more AAA bops with fedora's and fingerless gloves from 2010 - 2012:

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  11. Ai's album is out.
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  12. Also new May J. album. The singles were surprisingly good.
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    New CAPSULE!!

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  14. This is such a great nod to their older sound! Nakata is really not messing around with these new Perfume and capsule releases, whew.
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  15. I'm happy she's still active, but I have to say this is one of her weaker releases. 'LOVE TRiCKY' and 'LOVE HONEY' were easily better.
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  16. Yeah I'm curious to know what I think of Love Pop as I got back into her with Love Tricky and Love Honey. My order of Love Pop and Kuu's Best (along with one of her tours) shipped today, yay!

    In other news Olivia has said on Instagram that 2022 will be a year of music!!
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  17. The preview she posted a couple years ago sounded interesting. Hopefully the release is sooner than later.
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  18. All three recent capsule releases have SNAPPED, this album is shaping up to be one of their absolute best...and so late in the game! The 10/10 perfume releases, the HD remasters of the old albums....It's been good to be a fan in 2021!

    We love a creative renaissance!
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  19. Kalen Anzai's new Charli XCX penned + Danny L. Harle produced single is here.

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