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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. No, I don't think you understand...

    ... I'm obsessed.
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  2. This is heartbreaking.

    I hope Seiko is getting all the support she needs and more.
  3. I have yet to follow this month's new releases but how come Nana Mizuki dropped her best song in years???

    Composed by Noriyasu Agematsu who also did Eternal Blaze and Synchrogazer. Girls I am crying................
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  4. This is so cool. Happy holidays, fellow jpoppers.
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  5. I didn’t realize how many Japanese covers of Western songs they did back in the 80’s (other than the Wink covers)

    This is the absolute best one, though!

  6. I stan a handful of Miliyah songs but I want to get into her a bit more. Any album recommendations?
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  7. I've only got a handful of her albums so not heard her full discography but Femme Fatale is my favourite album of hers. It was the second album of hers I bought after Ring. I just love the atmosphere of the whole album and nothing has topped Burn yet for me as my favourite song!

    Really enjoyed that Daichi PV - hopefully a new album this year?
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  8. It depends on which songs you like, since she had a pretty considerable shift in sound after the first 4 albums. Hence why I adore albums like "HEAVEN" and "TRUE LOVERS" the most and, for instance, @RUNAWAY is all about her earlier R'n'B songs as far as I remember.
    This looks like a choreography video collection exclusive song at this point, but who knows.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    The remasters resume:

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  10. Something for our mental health:

    A new artist from SKY-HI's label:

    A new song by Da-iCE. They will also release an EP next month called 'REVERSi'.

    Totally unnecessary, but avex will release globe NONSTOP BEST in February. Nothing new, but the trailer does show how bulletproof their discography is. That rush of euphoria I get from just that snippet of 'Love again'... . What's the justice for 'globe2 pop/rock', 'maniac' and 'new deal' though?

    A month ago, lol released this song. No AAA, but I'll take it.

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  11. The new MONDO GROSSO is wonderful, it feels like a wee sequel to Labyrinth in the best way possible! Cannot wait for this album.
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  12. This sounds amazing.
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  13. I'm finding out lots of new stuff thanks to my J-Pop mix on Spotify fff

    Since yesterday I am obsessed with:

    That instrumental break at 2:50.................... mental. Apparently she's a very prominent seiyuu who just dabs into music here and there.
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  14. Just discovered Ichiko Aoba... I usually need a little more oomph to my folksy girls, but I'm 100% sold on アダンの風 in all its forest fairy fantasy for some reason.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    JASMINE just released a new album:

    And CAPSULE's STEREO WORXXX remaster is out as well:
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  16. JASMINE tucking in songs from her EPs and making this a 22 track opus, dddd.
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  17. The way I’ve been bopping to this nonstop since seeing Belle last night. The chorus sounds like a Shakira hit that never was.

  18. It’s been 20 years since Listen to My Heart.

    Also, new music from Airi Suzuki before her 3rd album release. She’s been so consistent.

  19. Japanese Sade made several points with this one, mefears.

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  20. Here are some fresh bops for January 2022
    Iri is releasing a new album in February, honestly, this girl can do no wrong....she should do something with Utada someday, yeah she is on that level.

    The next one is Night tempo....oh well you know what to expect, but this time it really worked...

    And the last one is Mao Abe, glad she finally back, I missed her voice
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