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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Ladies I’m so excited, I don’t know when it happened but ZARD’s discography is finally on Spotify!! So excited to have these classics at my fingertips after relying on CDs for years. I can’t believe it’s almost 15 years since she died

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  2. I NEED this BENI’s ENDLESS STORY studio version.
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  3. I'd never gotten round to checking out Zard so now's my chance!

    I wonder what Mika's new album will be like? I'm still in love with Message ~Piano & Voice~. I never would have known Fukyouwaon was a Keyakizaka46 cover as it sounds miles away from an idol song. This is still my favourite song from the album, and possibly of Mika's, the piano intro, the violins!

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  4. Airi Suzuki’s new single for Kaguya-sama season 3.
  5. Romantique 96 and Playboy Playgirl are the best albums.
    Their singles discography is illustrious and I recommend listening to all of those before delving into their albums as they can be a lot to digest sonically, and nearly every song that was cut as a single is different in its album context, whether it be no fade out to completely different arrangements/vocalists performing the songs.
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  6. New Daichi single out on June 8th.
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  7. Ooh need to check it out. I need another banger like Backwards!
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  8. Well, it's not that, haha. It's a ballad.
  9. Screaming at that cover. The chorus sounds so drawn out as a ballad fffff

    Hinatazaka used to be half of Keyaki and they're getting some great songs since they were declared independent:

    STU don't have a boat-theatre anymore, but they are all for erasing borders from this earth or summ:

    And LGBTQ+ queen, Okada Nana, is getting a solo song in AKB's next single:
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  10. Here's Taichi Mukai's new album ANTIDOTE. I got the album yesterday. Love the artwork. It's his most upbeat album yet and it simply gets you in a good mood. Aside from the singles, I love 'Pretty Little Freak', 'Liar Liar' (track 4), 'Candy' and 'Glitter Box'. But it's solid from beginning to end.

    I also got AAA's live album from their last tour. Weirdly, the concert itself will be released on bluray and dvd next month. Avex gonna Avex. The packaging is nice though and it comes with a photobook. As a fan, it's quite bittersweet but I'm hoping they'll come back someday.

    Something to remember, today's the 18th anniversary of hitomi's album TRAVELER. I don't know why, but it feels like one of her forgotten albums.

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  11. Taichi’s the future. End of discussion.

    perfume new album “Plasma” out 7.27 by the way

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I really don't know if anyone is interested who hasn't already seen the thread, but if there's anyone, just wanted to let you all know that the voting period for the Japanese R&B Divas rate is still open and we'd love to have some more voters!

    The current deadline with extension is May 18th, please come vote!!
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  13. It looks like after so many years FAKY are finally getting their first full album out. Didn't think this would happen.
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  14. Feel like pure shit just want her back

  15. Finally a full length project, this is a great reintroduction to them. Issunboushi, I'm Bopping!!!
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  16. Wow, This is beautiful.

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  17. Miho Komatsu’s discography finally on streaming.
  18. The ongoing J-r&b rate sent me on various j-related tangents… and I’ve just discovered the absolute queen that is Awich.

    She’s been putting out banger after banger and her album "Queendom" is an absolute smash.

    It’s bold, daring, innovative. I haven’t felt this excited about new j-music in a long time.


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  19. New Miliyah single soon.
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  20. More Daichi goodness.

    And new Miliyah single with "LIE LIE LIE" if you missed it.

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