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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Live for YU-A uploading Foxxi misQ videos in high quality on her Youtube channel. What a group.

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  2. Yes! Some undeniable bops here. Great to see these in HQ.

    Though it never got a video, “Golden Palace" is still such a serve and one of my all time favourites from them. The beat is absolute fire and it’s a great track for summer.

    Makes me think it would be perfect for a potential “J-hot girl summer” rate! I can think of a few other possible entries dd.

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    I can pencil it in for next summer but no sooner ddddd. Your boy may be going back to school and getting that degree fffff.
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  5. Certainly want your academic success to come first and foremost! That’ll also be a nice way to have some party summer tracks lined up to celebrate your degree dd.

    Either way, I’d be happy to help set this up, pick songs and facilitate the rest of the administrative stuff if there’s any appetite for this kind of rate when the time comes!
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  6. Wow, this is nice surprise by Shela.

  7. I finally bought Rajie's Espresso on vinyl, my God, all those vinyl rips around the web really don't make it justice. The definite Dream Pop masterpiece. It's such a shame it does not get the recognition of others, like Tomoko Aran, Mariya Takeuchi, etc., hopefully the YouTube algorithm will change that one day, dd.

    Also for those interested, Espresso finally will get a CD release the 31st of August, alongside Relief In The Afternoon!
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  9. They served looks and seizures!
    I absolutely love everything about this, contender for SOTY! That one girl is from Faky, right? Hopefully, Avex will push this project...
  10. Love it! Right on time for summer. They sound a little bit like MAX but anno 2022.
  11. So.. apparently there’s a new girl group coming called SG5 made up of members from the group Happiness who are going to use the Sailor Moon IP to gain recognition in the West..? Their debut is apparently produced by BloodPop and there are rumors they will be producing songs for the last movie in the Crystal reboot, Cosmos.


    I, uhh, this sounds like a bit of a mess, teebs. Nothing about their sound or image screams Sailor Moon.
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  12. Sounds a bit like a fever dream.
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    New single from Miliyah:

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  14. Who wore it best?


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  15. Oh... my god!? She went back to urban sound and I did not expect that! So dirty and grimy sounding as well. Color me thoroughly perched for new music.

    Wait, these are bops as well!

  16. BENI has been uploading live performances and vlogs in English to her channel. "crazy girl" is still so damn powerful.
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    So I need some help. I'm looking for English covers by Japanese artists, preferably disco songs but I'll take what I can get. Trying to make a fun little playlist. So far I've only got Got To Be Real by Koda Kumi and Best of My Love by LISA. Adding in You Gotta Be by JAMOSA and LISA brings it to.....three. Does anyone know of more that exist off the top of their head? Google is not helping at all.
  18. Does the Japanese cover have to be sung in English? And does the original song have to be some worldwide hit like got to be real?

    If not, there are plenty of eurobeat covers!!

    More incoming next.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Er....yeah I was looking for covers in English of English songs, just by Japanese artists mainly. You know I love me some old school Namie, but these really won't fit with my playlist dddd <3333 Thank you @Ana Raquel !!
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