J To Tha L-O! The Videos Rate [WAITING FOR RESULTS: The big finale!]


Jennifer Lopez AKA Jenny from the Block AKA Jenny Lo AKA JLo. Singer. Dancer. Actress. Fashion designer. Author. Producer. Perfumer. Celebrity. Brand Ambassador. Queen of Dance Breaks. TV show judge. Mother. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Public speaker. An Empire.​

Reaching peak popsuperstardom from 1999-2005 and early '10s resurgence (sort of), Jen has graced us with a strong catalog of recognizable hits, jaw dropping performances, iconic (and infamous) moments, and big $$$ videos. She had the look, she had the moves, she had the session vocalists, and is one of the few classic popstars who still properly functions today. They really don't make pop performers quite like Jennifer Lopez anymore, eh?

Today, I am asking you to celebrate JLo's rich pop career and rate her videos with me.

- Since we've already had a specific singles rate not too long ago, I am asking that when rating these videos you try not to let the song influence your score. I know that the music is obviously very important to a music video, but try not to low ball a video because you don't like the song it is associate with (or possibly vice versa). Focus on the visuals, the choregraphy, the set, the looks, so on.
- Rate each video on a scale of 0-10. Feel free to use .5 scores. Of course, your favourite video of the bunch can be awarded the exalted 11/10. 10.5's are not allowed!
- Include commentary please! It makes it fun. Let me drag you, let me praise you.

If You Had My Love
No Me Ames
Waiting For Tonight
Feelin' So Good
Let's Get Loud
Love Don't Cost A Thing
Ain't It Funny
I'm Real
I'm Real (Murder Remix)
Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)
I'm Gonna Be Alright
Jenny From The Block
All I Have
I'm Glad
Baby I Love U!
Get Right
Hold You Down
Control Myself
Que Hiceste
Me Haces Falta
Do It Well
Hold It Don't Drop It
Fresh Out The Oven
Good Hit
On The Floor
I'm Into You
Dance Again
Follow The Leader
Goin' In
Live It Up
Same Girl
I Luh Ya Papi
First Love
AKA Album Teaser: Booty
AKA Album Teaser: Emotions
AKA Album Teaser: Worry No More
Back It Up
Feel The Light
Ain't Your Mama

If I counted correctly, that should be 45 videos! I want to set a tentative deadline as August 1st.​
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Is it really only open for 2 weeks? In that case I do not think I will make it as I will be going on a Holiday tomorrow, but with an extension I am here for it.


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I'm ready - Waiting For Tonight and Get Right have 2 of my favourite videos ever, I don't know what one to give my 11 to.
'If You Had My Love', 'Jenny from the Block', 'I'm Glad', 'Get Right' and 'Papi' are genuinely some of my fave music videos ever so picking an 11 is gonna be tough.
I'm here for Papi sneaking its way into the finale once again. Its surprise assault on the singles rate still leaves me shook.
This is my first time seeing that Wisin y Yandel video and the middle bit is so awkward...
Yandel finds Jennifer, hugs, everything's cute, then Wisin shows up and it's fistbumps all around. I'm still laughing.
I've been listening to a lot of JLo this year, so count me in. She has a much better discography than I ever realised, but I've never doubted the strength of her videography so this will be interesting.
I will forever be sad that J. Lo didn't film an amazing video for "Hold It Don't Drop It" before she found out she was pregnant. Such a good song, such a mediocre video.
Sent my scores in and her videography is stronger than I remembered. 'Jenny from the Block' is really the only iconic video she's done but overall, she's more consistent in this area than a lot of her peers.

I wish 'Louboutins' and 'TENS' had videos.