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Jack Garratt - Love, Death & Dancing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Couldn't find an existing thread, but Jack Garratt, winner of 2016 Brits Critics Choice award is back with his first new music since 2016. Love, Death & Dancing will be released on 12th June 2020.

    Today he premiered the euphoric 'Time' with a stellar music video. He has also released 2 other tracks 'Mara', and 'Return Them To The One' that form the basis of a pre-album EP titled 'Vol. 1'.

    His debut was phenomenal and his productions are superb, so I am very excited for this.
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  2. That cover art is gorgeous
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  3. The cover is stunning and the song is great.

    he had an old thread, we just posted the video there. But a new one is always good.
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  4. The second EP has just been released, and the lead single 'Better' is a PHENOMENAL BOP. The video is pretty cool too.

    Edit: 'Mend A Heart' is bloody brilliant.
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  5. Haven‘t listened to the other 2 songs, but Better is massive. Incredible!
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  6. 2014

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    Who? x
  7. He is amazing!
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  8. Wow. Better is incredible. He is so under rated, everything is so unique.

    The video for better really works for the song too
  9. The fact that he sampled this Vine on Better.... LOVE.
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  10. This is shaping up to be one of the albums of the year. Both parts are stellar.
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  11. The only song i dont like so far is mara
  12. Time and Better are some of my top songs already this year. I'm so glad he's back.
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  13. Arguably this is a bit Better (wink wink) but it reminded me of something, a girl called Saara did it first
  14. Wait I was not expecting Better to be that big of a bop?
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    I....take this back hhhh. Better is amazing, and the album's out tomorrow??
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  16. Album got pushed back to June 12th because of Covid. Production of the bundles weren't done for the original release.

    I am so excited for this record.

  17. He‘s 7/7 so far.
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  18. This is all quite good, isn't it? For some reason I had him written off as a beige Brits-approved singer songwriter but it's actually got a lot more personality to it this time around.
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  19. The physical has a track list which is different to that on streaming as per his twitter account. He also states in the tweet that this is the order the album should be listened to. I assume the breaking up into 4 EPs was a label decision.

    1. Return Them To The One
    2. Get In My Way
    3. Better
    4. Doctor Please
    5. Mend A Heart
    6. Anyone
    7. Mara
    8. Circles
    9. Time
    10. She Will Lay My Body On The Stone
    11. Old Enough
    12. Only The Bravest
  20. So excited to play my signed splatter vinyl of this.

    I truly think he is in the running for one of my top 5 albums of 2020.
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