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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Way Out is such a tune, definitely the best song that he’s released so far. I need to do a further dive into his album/mixtapes but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard. My only complaint is that a lot of his collaborators are unsavoury.
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  2. Créme is one of my fave tracks as is Route 66
  3. Warsaw was the song that introduced me to him and it still bangs.

  4. Agreed about the collaborators but I will say Already Best Friends is the best song I’ve heard Chris Brown on in years!

    I’d been aware of Jack for a while because of Whats Poppin but hadn’t paid much attention until I was on holiday last month and his album became the soundtrack to my trip. Really solid debut and it’s hard for me to get into a new rapper in the times of mumble rap but he really surprised me.

    His blend of hip hop and R&B reminds me of early Drake, though I still need to go back and listen to his earlier releases as I’ve only listened to his one album.
  5. Deuxmoi is reporting he is collaborating with a big condom brand

  6. I only ever bopped to his collab with Lil Nas and Whats Poppin but fucking hell he's hot
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  7. If I speak
  8. It's a guy.
  9. Album out May 6th and 'First Class' (aka the Fergie sample, which has blown up on TikTok) drops on Friday.

  10. Nail Tech is one of the year’s strongest singles, I think.
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  11. "First Class" already feel like it's going to be a huge moment.
  12. Yeah it’s grown on me a lot, I’m really looking forward to what’s coming next.
  13. Yeah and it’s apparently sampling Fergie’s Glamorous? Huge
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  14. Nail Tech is fine (there are a few clumsy bars, but there generally are in a lot of his stuff), but he has a “catchy” flow that can suit a lot of pop songs. He definitely looks like the next big thing.

    And yes, First Class is sounding to be a bop and smasha
  15. First Class sounds like it will be huge, the Fergie sample is perfect!
  16. Nail Tech felt like an Industry Baby knock off but First Class sounds like it could be huge for him.
  17. I said it in her thread a few days ago, but I kinda wish Jack had Fergie re-record the sample.
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  18. I know it's already posted in the OP but this really was the best Chicken Shop Date that Amelia's ever done. Love them together.
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  19. Why not call up the original artist to give them a feature if they're still alive?
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