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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. First Class sounds like bop potential for sure .
  2. First Class is already unavoidable on TikTok so I'm sure it'll properly blow up once it drops. I agree that it'd have been nice for him to actually get Fergie on it, though.
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  3. Hmm. I don't know, outside of the chorus its kind of a nothing song.
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  4. The hook is a stroke of genius, but the verses could’ve punched harder. He’s still very limited as a lyricist and it shows, which is why he’s lucky that he has such a pleasant flow. I’m sure this will smash because it’s a vibe nonetheless, but could’ve been so much more. Maybe a remix with someone like Lil Baby would do the trick.

    Drake would’ve done great with a track like this.
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  5. The sample does a lot of the work here.
  6. Well it then becomes a collaboration / a feature when he just wants a sample.
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  7. The chorus definitely carries this but also “y’all don’t need Givenchy, you need jesus” is a line that is not gonna leave my head anytime soon.
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  8. Incredibly underwhelmed by this. The verses are just okay. It could grow on me, but there isn't much to it aside from the sample unfortunately.
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  9. I like this a lot! Some of the lyricism is a little clunky (“shoutout to my ups workers, making sure I receive it”), but still it’s a laid back early summer tune for me.
  10. The verses needed to go much harder, the sample does all the heavy lifting and even then it feels a little empty. A feature would've livened this up for sure but that would've risked exposing how average he is on this. I agree that Drake would've eaten up this sample.

    With that said, the song is sure to be a hit. It's everywhere on Tik Tok and he's killing it on Apple Music, globally. Plus he's a nice guy so I'm happy for him if it pops off.
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  11. Oh, this is a bop.
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  12. He’s really aiming to be the Gen Z Drake isn’t he? The album title even sounds like something Drake would name a full length project of his.
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  13. This is already #1 on Apple Music in the US. It’ll be interesting to see the Spotify numbers tomorrow.
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  14. US Spotify debut is 5.9M, global is 10.6M.
  15. How on Earth did he get so big in the space of less than a year? It boggles the mind.
  16. Quarantine, Lil Nas X collab
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  17. This bops for me

    Seems like it will be Jack vs Harry on the Hot 100 next week .
  18. He's been getting quite a few hits in the past year, to be honest (What's Poppin was also huge) and he has a lot of social media hype for being really hot.
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