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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Fergie when she sees these numbers

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  2. Nail Tech debuted and peaked at #18 on the Hot 100, the numbers for First Class are mostly a result of massive hype built on TikTok. The song was viral before it even came out.
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  3. Well, maybe it is well thought out and they are saving for a feature on the remix.

  4. Today, I’m appreciating “I sent her back to her boyfriend with my handprint on her asscheek”

  5. Fergie better get that cheque!
  6. I was hoping the song would be good but it’s so nothing-y. There’s nothing going on outside of the sample.

    I’m so hesitant to get on board with him. He’s hot, seems cool, and the music is mostly good. He just seems like someone who will say something crazy at some point. The social media fawning reminds of DaBaby and we all saw how that worked out nn.
  7. I'm also in the camp of constantly waiting for something great from him. What's Poppin was an exciting breakthrough and his Industry Baby verse was a proper moment, but this and Nail Tech are both leaving me totally cold. He has the momentum, though, and I'm anticipating some big collaborations on the album, so there's plenty of time for him to still impress me.
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  8. He's cute, but his bars are also just cute. The main advantage is really the Drake-esque flow that's generally pleasant to hear and perfect for pop music. A Take Care moment is what would cement him.
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  9. When you’re TikTok famous I guess

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  10. Jack Harlow really does not have the range to pull off a Take Care. He’s more of a Certified Lover Boy era Drake.
  11. The beard makes all the difference.
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  12. The backlash he's getting for the first video is delicious.
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  13. The Drake song leaked a few weeks back wouldn’t be surprised if that dominates when released.
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  14. Justin Timberlake?

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  15. A bit cringe.
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  16. Dua Lipa.
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