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Jack Harlow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Still a big improvement over his last album! But I feel like the media hype (whether warranted or not, but that’s another discussion) kinda set him up. Expectations were high with how he’s positioned himself as the heir apparent to Drake. Only difference is he didn’t have the songs to back it up in the way Drake did circa 2009-2015.
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  2. Mr.Arroz

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    Lord how even?

    Even with and aside from light-skin privilege, Drake has always been a solid-to-great rapper, with fairly interesting takes on things. A lot of the hype with people like Macklemore and Jack Harlow is that taboo~ sense of them supposedly succeeding in an arena traditionally closed to them, but to actually excel is to actually have your presence warranted. I don't think his music is inventive or distinct enough to do that. Drake too has now driven himself into that lane of "OK...what else?" but I'm not here for royalty-free background Youtube rap music from the jump. Compounded with the social media roasting, easily-accessible fame should really be more...less of what it is now. It's disappointing.
  3. Spray it with RAID.
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  5. Jesus fucking Christ, get in the goddamn bin!!!
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  6. Harlow just screams fad. All the hype surrounding him has been baffling.
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    [8,000 pure sales]

  8. I feel like this will have zero staying power in the 2nd week.

  9. More like Jack Harlowcanugo

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  10. 2014

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    Where are those who were thirsting for him now?? Hmmm
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  11. Here! Still think he's hot, character (or, god forbid, his music) never factored into that to begin with.
  12. Brandy ate him up

  13. Circled back to this album and yeah, it’s not very good. All the songs are so limp & toothless.
  14. Mr.Arroz

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  15. [​IMG]
  16. He’s funny
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  17. Famous straight man: :speaks:
    The media and everyone else on the planet: 'ohmergahd, he is so funnyyyyy tho! What a sparkling personality'
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