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Jack Penate - After You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sinner, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Looking forward to giving the EP a "proper" listen. Sounds perfect for Autumn so far!
  2. Please do! No Law is already a favourite of mine, sounds gorgeous. In his Insta post Jack seems to be hinting there's going to be more in terms of music, it's lovely to have him back and feeling creative.
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  3. New song is out - it's a boppp:

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  4. Good to see him doing something a bit different. The comeback album did not reflect 10 years of absence.
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  5. This is excellent and, I hate to say it, what he really needed to be his official comeback. I assume this is about his former relationship with Daisy Lowe? The only problem with it is that the song is that it ends too quickly.
  6. I like it. Noetics was a bit underproduced and fell a little flat for me.

    I won’t hear slander against After You though - it was one of my favourite albums of last year!
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  7. True, After Dark is an excellent record. It's a real shame that the biggest promo for this album he got was a post from Adele and Jessie. Not many people seemed to be aware that he's back, at the same time he doesn't give the impression of someone who is in need of selling loads of records and touring relentlessly in order to get by.
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  8. Time to resurrect this thread with a new song from Jack:

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  9. This was a pleasant surprise and is sounding great so far! Still need to give it a few proper listens.
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