Jack River - Endless Summer (June 2023)

It's pretty great! I love her melodies/voice/moods.

This is apparently from her upcoming EP Strange Heart, out 14 February, 2020. The video is out too:

Billboard did a nice piece about the new song. Some interesting tidbits:

River -- a pirate name Rankin inherited in her teens -- revisited the song several times over the past two years. “So I only touched it and wrote on it when I was really feeling it,” she recounts. “I wrote it when I first started dating my partner and then finished it a day after we got engaged. It’s special to be able to do that with a song.”

Stranger Heart is due out Feb. 14, 2020 via Nettwerk in North America and I Oh You, part of the Mushroom Group, in Australia. All the songs on it, except for “Later Flight,” were recorded in the bedroom studio of longtime Jack River collaborator Xavier Dunn and the entire set was mastered by Mike Tucci.

Looking back, much of Sugar Mountain embodied “strength, being independent,” she says. “I needed this EP to be restful and real” with a broad production range. “I did that on purpose because I think complexity, anarchy and chaos is key, you’ve got to be at peace with it. That’s where the production comes from, the idea of being imperfect. I need to give up the idea of perfection at this time.”
I love 'Closer' immediately. She is just so wonderful. Does 'Closer' sample INXS' 'Never Tear Us Apart' or is it just a similarity?
‘Dark Star’ is amazing. It instantly reminded me of the best songs on Sugar Mountain but with the organic, raw instrumentation of the last few singles. Super excited for the record!