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Jade (Thirlwall) - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. RMK


    That account has been up like that since earlier this year. Hopefully she’s starting soon. I’d imagine if all the girls coordinated release schedules around each other, she’s the first up.
  2. Sorry I’m not aware of every piece of information?
  3. Sam


    I … wasn’t attacking you. Chill
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  4. I posted this ages ago ddd that day fans first discovered it.
  5. It probably makes sense to have a soft launch with a collab single, but I'm really curious about what she is going to come out with on her own.
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  6. I’m here for it..
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  7. I’ll take two please.
  8. Calvin now also follows Jade and doesn’t follow Little Mix or Perrie and Leigh. Just Jade.

    So, I’m taking this as another possible sign.

    The fact Jade commented with a flamingo on his post also feels like a hint.
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  9. Song of the Summer coming.
  10. I’m ready for her One Kiss. (Bop-wise and success-wise).
  11. I want her collab with Tinashe! (This is after a cocktails and seeing Jade like T’s last insta post)!
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  12. A Calvin feature to start off her solo career… I‘ll take that!
  13. I really want this like this week.
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  14. Starting to get my hopes up for something I don’t think I should.
  15. Her In My Arms / Call My Name / We Found Love / One Kiss please
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  16. A cute lil Call My Name/We Found Love moment to kick off what is sure to be a solo career for the history books would not go amiss at all. I’d even take an I Will Never Let You Down.
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  17. The way she’s going to sell the ever loving sh!t of this

  18. No lies were told.

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  19. Calvin’s debut doesn’t feature Jade, I’ve been told, so that’s settled.
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