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Jade (Thirlwall) - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. RMK


    I'm glad she knows we're perched.
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  2. Told her she should be next years headliner and she shrugged and said “let’s hope for the best”. Gosh she’s gorgeous!
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  3. Not half of PJ meeting Jade at Hoopla.

    She really is one of us!
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  4. How do you’s do it? I could not imagine approaching a stranger like that!
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  5. Not them being there too.
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  6. Wonder how much credibility there is to this, but it’s all over Twitter.

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  7. Her Billie Piper era incoming, she really is queen of the gays
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  8. Another leak, not sure if it’s another part of one of the clips that leaked a few months ago:

  9. I’ve heard that one before. I think it’s the same clip.
  10. Sam


    Still absolutely shook that I met her at NYC Downlow at Glasto. I saw Jordan first and thought “wow he looks like him from Rizzle Kicks”, then spotted her in her little incognito bucket hat and shades. Went up and the first thing that came out my mouth after asking if it was really her was “I’m from Newcastle too!!!” ddd. I told her I wouldn’t take a pic so as not to draw attention and departed after a “so upsetting”.

    She laughed but was definitely sick of my shit. Icon!
  11. 572429EF-17C8-4A73-9067-078D63644401.jpeg

  12. Serve!

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  13. My god she’s a stunner.

  14. I know this is me living some sort of ridiculous fantasy but I'd love if Jade came out with dance/pop, Perrie with rock/pop and Leigh-Anne with R&B/pop as their solo endeavours. I would like their music to be different but at the same time being somewhat cohesive.
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  15. Jodie Harsh and Calvin Harris?

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  16. Ok but can she start teasing something...
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  17. RMK


    I thought we'd have a single by July.
  18. Can this all happen soon, please? I’m so stoked for solo Jade!
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