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Jae Stephens - 24k

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. New name on me. Decent bop and nice voice.
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  2. I've been following her on Tumblr way longer than I realize I have. This was pretty good. She took down 2 earlier songs she did, as well as a bunch of covers.
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  3. Ha, she was Beytwice on Tumblr right?

    This isn't bad.
  4. Slightly hilarious seeing someone I used to follow on Tumblr have their own Popjustice thread. The song is cute though.
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  5. I love the song, but I love the follow up even more. I've been following her since like 2011/12 and have almost all her covers and original songs that have come out so far (I think I'm missing just one or two)
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  7. This new song is actually really good!
  8. She's released the new single independently, according to Spotify copyright credits. Anyway, I really like it!
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  10. New feature with Baauer and AJ Tracey:

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  11. She keeps releasing weird yet accessible bops. Love it.
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  12. I liked her new song!
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