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Jaira Burns - Ugly (Allie X/Billboard/Cirkut)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up N Down, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Co-written by Allie X & Leland and produced by Billboard & Cirkut
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  2. Cute! Totally hear Allie's hand in this.

    What do we know about Jaira? She appears to be signed to Interscope.
  3. Love the song, great pop record. Nice credentials too.

    Don't know about her though...
  4. o wow wat a bop
  5. The verses are so damn catchy.
  6. This is a fucking BOP.

    I think you can hear a lot of Allie's vocals during the chorus?

    Curious to know how she snatched an Interscope contract.
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    Why didn't this make CollXtion II tho?
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  8. The song is great, but everything else I'm finding fairly off-putting. We'll see.
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  9. I'm not vibing with those clips above, I guess I'll hold full judgement until I see an interview? I have zero bearing on who she is as an artist but right now it smacks of pretty-face-functional-vocal-chords.
  10. So the video came out...a week ago.

  11. Yeah, that's exactly why I was skeptical. Everything other than the song is just so typical and "2017 new major label signee". They could've filmed all of the exact same stuff and made it so much more attractive than it is, lame. I'll keep my eye on her though, 'Ugly' still bops so hard and if she keeps that up, I'll stick around.

    I feel like alternatively dyed hair is such a lazy way to identify yourself as an artist at this point too.
  12. The song totally sounds like what Allie discarded from Collxtion II in favor of Lifted. It has that same "tropical"/dancehall flavor.
  13. I liked that video better when it was set to a song from Electra Heart.
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  14. Ugly is being featured in a Beats/Balmain ad featuring (sigh) Kylie Jenner. Also Allie confirmed that's her on the "mistaaa" vocal which explains why this sounds so much like a CollXtion II cut.

    Between this and Fetish... queen of backing vocals. Collect those royalties henny.
  15. New song.

  16. This bops.
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  18. Okay, this is how you make someone a fan. She was so lame to me when she first debuted, but she is just bringing the bops. I can ignore the bad if the sound is right, and the sound thus far is great pop tunes.

    She's like Bonnie McKee but built for 2017. 'Burn Slow' is still her big triumph for me though.
  19. Both the new song and "Burn Slow" are very good.

    "Ugly" is still that bop though. MISTAH.

    Is there a point in hoping for an album if she's not even setting PopJustice on fire? Where the Allie X fans at?
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