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Jaira Burns - Ugly (Allie X/Billboard/Cirkut)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up N Down, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Oh hold up 5 million streams for "Burn Slow" on Spotify which is...not bad actually?
  2. I guess Interscope’s ~launching~ her next year? It’d be great to have a single sent to radio in Q1. I don’t think any of the 3 singles have been pushed to radio.
  3. She's boring. Daya 2.0.
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  4. As an excersize on how much hipster posturing can one include in the very same music video within less than three minutes and half, this is quite interesting.
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  5. She's so beautiful, I had no idea (I only knew her from Spotify).
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  6. Bop
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  7. I’m impressed with how the new single uses hip-hop cadences and catch-phrases and turns them into a successful pop song.
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  8. I really like everything she’s put out so far. Hopefully she can get an EP out or something. I’m not holding my breath for an album ddddd
  9. Eesh.
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  11. Jaira goes... disco?!?!
  12. Did we listen to the same song? That was more of her Halsey-adjacent trap-pop to my ears??
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  13. Ha! You’re right. I was actually playing another song at the beforehand and didn’t check the title. Thanks!
  14. I feel like this is one of the weakest songs she’s released but I’m feeling it.
  15. It’s just a Halsey song. An acceptable one, but it’s just a Halsey song.
  16. OKAY... but I hate myself because I’ve been jamming to it all day. Ashley would’ve actually done a better job with it; I feel like with some more effects, a more unique voice, and a few more production flourishes, it could be a really amazing pop song. Right now it’s just a pretty simple, moody bop.
  17. This might be my favorite song/video by her so far actually. The only song she has released that I can't get into is Burn Slow.
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