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Jaira Burns - Ugly (Allie X/Billboard/Cirkut)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up N Down, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Loving Sugarcoat so much!
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  2. The song is still a bop, but MAN - she is so lame. I hate her styling/imagery/posturing so much. Her videos are not good either.

    None of it feels real, and it sullies the well-written bops.
  3. New EP drops this Thursday:

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  4. Shes' so faceless. Like these songs have no identity. I was hopeful with Ugly but everything since then is painfully generic.
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  5. I've loved pretty much every song she has put out except for Burn Slow and High Rollin, but her earlier imagery reminds me way too much of Badlands. Sugarcoat remains my favorite song by her.
  6. The EP is out! 4 new songs + the last 4 singles.

  7. Uh the mini-album sounds really good? I listened to her singles and enjoyed quite a bit a lot of them (especially "OKOKOK", "Low Key In Love" and "Burn Slow") but together they sound even better, and the new songs are equally good.

    Btw, some pretty big names worked on this thing: Ryan Tedder co-wrote "Burn Slow", "Low Key in Love" (with Sasha Sloan), and "Bounce Right Back". Sir Nolan and Stargate co-produced "This Time Around" (also co-written by Sasha Sloan). Andrew Goldstein (FRND, "Do Re Mi", Britney's "Love Me Down") produced "Didn't I" (co-written by "Halo"'s Evan Kidd Bogart), and so on...
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  8. Kii @ this "EP" being the same length as Tove Styrke's "album".

    It's really good though. A bit faceless, but everything bops.
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  9. Yep, this is bop galore, loving it so much, specially Burn Slow and This Time Around.
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  10. She actually sounds nice there. ‘Ugly’ sounds fantastic on a guitar.

    The EP is pretty good, but I still stand by my prior opinions: she has well crafted bops but everything else is bland as hell.

    Sasha Sloan being involved in her writing makes sense too.
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  11. Low Key In Love music video:

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  12. Low Key In Love has grown on me a lot, now it's one of my favorites from the EP.
  13. The music is all fine and well but there’s just this weird sheen of inauthenticity over the whole thing. If the girl were a writer, that would be one thing, but she’s not, and everything seems planned by committee as a result.

    For example, if the committee were “down,” as the kids are saying, they’d know that the internet usage is ‘lowkey’ and not the actual dictionary-proper ‘low key.’ It’s in the details.

    The girl isn’t as cool as they’re trying to present her, and the bad gyal image feels put-upon. It’s fine, it would just ring clearer if it felt like she were being herself.
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  14. Nothing about some bland ass white girl with cheap blue hair will sell records. There are at least three girls in every high school across the nation with the same attitude, voice, look, and personality doing the exact same thing.
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  15. Yeah, she’s the weakest link in the package.

    The songs are great factory made bops. Kind of like what Britney’s Femme Fatale would sound like now a days. The credentials on the EP read really well. The songs are best when taken in a vacuum, like a session singer or something.

    She’s just so boring and disconnected from the music. If she wrote all of these that would be something else, but... yeah.
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  16. New collaboration:

  17. It'll bop. For sure.
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