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Jaira Burns - Ugly (Allie X/Billboard/Cirkut)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up N Down, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Time to clock out Jaira, Ava Max already beat you to the punch on this one.
  2. I'm ready. Her EP was bops wall-to-wall so I'm pretty excited to hear what's next for her.

    I'm gonna pretend I didn't see the Ava Max comment.
  3. Sorry for the double post but this is MASSIVE.

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  4. This is so addictive.
  5. Numb is AMAZING, she delivered again.
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  6. She has yet to top 'Sugarcoat' and 'Low Key in Love'. 'Numb' is a bit too nursery rhyme for me.
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  7. She has yet to top "Ugly" tbh.
  8. Sugarcoat is definitely her best song thus far, with Didn't I as a close follow up.

    Excited to listen to Numb later!
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  9. Apparently she dropped a single but no one noticed... maybe it's because she isn't under Interscope anymore (as far as I know, she's back with the label that was in partnership with Interscope until now). She deserved better.

    Her collab with Whole Doubts (new project from the producers of Eminem's "The Monster", DJ Snake's "Middle", etc) is way better:

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