Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing


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This...isn’t good. Sounds very synthetic, lacking depth.
I thought the exact same, I should like it but it just sounds empty, don’t like House either. Everything seems to be ticked this time except the actual songs.....or maybe it’s the production. I really like him and up until the last album I loved his music although the covers EP were pretty good.
I do wonder if we might’ve gotten an album (or at least a few more singles) last summer if Jake could’ve booked a tour or some Pride festivals. He seemed really excited to keep the ball rolling after the solo album, and Meltdown felt like a really exhilarating and promising return to dance pop.

Jake mentioned on Instagram that it’s a Night Work sketch with a new chorus… Interestingly, it seems to be from the scrapped album’s worth of material (that Elton famously disliked) that they performed live at their secret gigs in 2008. “Television” was the set list opener. How exciting to finally hear something realized from that dark age in Sisters’ history!

And it’s total banger! A bit of a “Music is the Victim”/debut Scissors vibe on the verses.

What a gloriously full-bodied continuation of the band’s sound and energy—and in the midst of Pride month!!
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Damn you Elton for robbing us of whatever this Scissor Sisters album might have turned out to be! Anyway, so glad Jake is finally finishing off all this stuff. I loved his solo album but this really is another level.
I wasn’t into his first album, but this and Meltdown are very promising. And the absolute taste from the clips used in the video.