Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing

Well, not so sure about this. Jake doing the Sisters sound looks good on paper, but a rehashed outtake is not exactly doing it for me. Played some of his debut again for comparison and it felt much more exciting.
I’m very glad we are getting these tracks but I guess it means a Scissor Sisters reunion is probably off the cards anytime soon right? Imagine they’d returned with stuff like this? It does seem Ana, BabbyDaddy and De are very happy doing their own thing these days.
Just discovered Do The Television and it's so good. I am cautiously optimistic this album will be great. (we're getting an album, right?!)
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Is there something wrong with me if I'm reading it and not feeling what you guys are feeling?I'm like, ok cool.
I always appreciate Jake’s candor—his self-expression muscle is so strong and resilient, so I hope he continues to channel these fears and anxieties into his work.

I know the first solo LP wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the writing was so strong. The melancholy, meditative moments were the album’s best, and I think he’s still got so much more left in his tank than Sisters’ rehashes—as much as I adore them.
"Too Much Music" is out tomorrow with first play on Zoe Ball's Breakfast Show.

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