Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing

It's relentless. "8 Ball" opens up the B side and is basically a dub track. It's a bit like going down the rabbit hole, because the beats get harder and darker as this section of the album goes on. So good.

Also the Kylie track is great for as minimal her appearance is. Her vocals on the hook are stunning, very Aphrodite era sounding. Posted a clip here

Seriously though, when are we getting a whole Kylie album written and produced just with Jake? They make such a good pair.
Never really listened to Jake Shears and only know the famous Scissor Sisters songs, but this is really fun - I might do a deep dive at some point and educate myself!

I’m in the same case.
This album is solid, cohesive and I love how it’s built.

And I love the cover…
Diving in now—so so excited!

It’s a thrill to hear Do the Television homed to a collection after its live debut all the way back when they were testing out early Night Work material and then a decade later it buoyed a summer of reemergence amidst the pandemic.

Echoing the sentiments about Night Work and Invisible Light, especially—it’s an absolute all-timer and one of the most transcendently gay things ever put to record. I’m so glad Jake’s continued to follow his muse, and I so hope that the response is heartening after the last several years of conflicted-seeming sound bites about his/the band’s legacy.